Obama’s a slimeball and that’s putting it mildly. The troops in Afghanistan certainly deserve combat pay at the very least.
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John Bernard, 1st Sgt. USMC (ret.),

Obama: Soldiers in Afghanistan Must Be Fired Upon to Receive Combat Pay

While I understand that only a fraction of the population of this nation is directly affected by what you are about to read, I would never-the-less like to remind you that the remainder of the population is affected coincidentally. While the majority of the American population probably never even considered the Armed Forces as a possible career objective, there are those who never considered life without serving their country, in uniform, on a field of combat. Most of these young men and women never take the time to internalize some idealized vision of charging death for God and Country, they just have a burning desire for the call on their lives to do so and then, most importantly, they act!

President Obama, however, was apparently never burdened with that urgent call to serve others or his…

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