A new website is up annd running, New York Liberty News.

A new liberty website for New York State is now up and running at: www.NewYorkLibertyNews.com

This site is designed similar to the national and international Liberty website, www.LibertyNewsOnLine.com, except that the emphasis for the new site will be on constitutional violations by State, County and local governments in New York State.

The freedom loving people of New York State have been gradually surrendering our freedoms and liberty to liberal, progressive, socialist, incompetent and/or corrupt politicians and special interest groups not only at the federal level, but at the state, county and local level as well. Just like their federal counterparts, many of our state, county and local leaders seem unable to stop their addiction to out of control government spending that has placed many of our county and local governments on the verge of bankruptcy.

In New York State, we have a failing education system, budget busting welfare system that includes benefits for illegal aliens, over regulation of business and family farms, the highest rate of taxation in the country, widespread introduction of the United Nations Agenda 21, and more intrusive governments that want to control every aspect of our lives.

Some of our politicians plot to progressively destroy our way of life through political correctness, judicial activism and incessant attacks on our traditional moral beliefs, as well as on our second amendment and free speech guaranteed rights.

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