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Most combat veterans live and sleep with the nightmares of only one war, but Bill Edwardy copes with the vivid memories of three.

Savannah-born Edwardy worked at an early age as a riverboat night-watchman to help support his family.  By the age of 18, he was plowing the stormyAtlanticas a mess attendant aboard a ship toNew York,Newfoundland, andNova Scotia.  He said, “It was 1940 andCanadawas already in WWII.  A German U-boat stopped us but let us go when their captain found out we were Americans.  He spoke perfect English.”

Edwardy decided to join the Navy but was turned down.  “Flat feet,” he said with a smile.  Albeit, afterPearl Harbor; Edwardy and his flat feet were accepted by the Army in May of ‘42.

After basic training, he was sent to Pneumonia Gulch – Jefferson Barracks,Mo.  “It was by the river, we slept in tents and stayed sick,” he said.  His…

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