CrossTalk: Syria Agony (Video)

Like Egypt and Mubarak, Libya and Gaddafi, Syria and Assad, though not good people were somewhat of a tempering influence on Islam’s goals. Obama’s meddling has brought Egypt and Libya into an Islamist terrorist cesspool and will do the same in Syria. He is either extremely incompetent or this is his goal? I believe it is his goal. He is helping to bring an Islamist super Caliphate into the Mid East.

Is Syria slipping into a civil war? Can the international community do something to end the violence without forcing a regime change? The US happens to be on the same side with Al Qaeda in the conflict, does it mean resorting to all means in order to protect civilians? Or does it mean empowering Al Qaeda perceived as the primary enemy of the US? CrossTalking with Rami Jarrah, Kurt Werthmuller and Patrick Hayes.

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