Iran is a threat to world peace. Obama is a greater threat. A greater threat to America and Israel than Iran.


BBC News – William Hague warns of Iran threat to peace of the world.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned in a BBC interview about Iran’s “increasing willingness to contemplate” terrorism around the world.

He cited an attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US, plus alleged involvement in recent attacks in New Delhi, Georgia and Bangkok.

Mr Hague said it showed “the danger Iran is currently presenting to the peace of the world”.

Iran denies any involvement in the recent attacks.

It also says its nuclear programme is for purely peaceful purposes.

The West has expressed fears that Iran is secretly trying to develop a nuclear bomb.

Mr Hague said that if Iran did develop nuclear weapons it would either lead to an attack on it and war, or there would be an arms race in the region and a Cold War with long-term sanctions…

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