They should take control of Gaza and keep it as a part of Israel, IMO, enough is enough.


IDF gearing up to invade Gaza – THERESE ZRIHEN-DVIR, Regard d’un Ecrivain sur le Monde.


IDF gearing up to invade Gaza

Israeli media this week reported that the IDF is gearing up for another large-scale ground incursion into the Gaza Strip to halt terrorist rocket fire and curb the threat posed by groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The Jerusalem Post reported last month that the IDF General Staff had ordered the Southern Command to draw up plans for a Gaza incursion. Over the weekend, the paper revealed that a growing number of senior officers in the Southern Command are not pushing for the order to be given to begin the attack.

One officer argued that, unlike in the past, “there is no need to wait for a provocation to launch an offensive against the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. The ongoing attacks…are cumulatively more than enough to justify immediate action.”

Israel’s government and the…

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  1. JC says:

    Isreal needs to stop ALL attempts to appease any and all in the area. They need to do what they need to do and stop worrying about “world opinion”. The muslims in the area have been spoiling for a fight…I say let Isreal give it to them. We shall see who the last man standing is. With the Isreali hater/non supporter we have in the WH they can expect no help from the US government, but Isreal knows that and the Bible predicts it. Food for thought. If you are leading from behind the ability to move forward is impossible. Leading from behind takes you backwards not forward. Leading from behind makes you appear weak and ill prepared to do what it takes to succeed. Leading from behind really means you go ahead and I will poke my finger in the wind to see what direction world opinion is coming from. Leading from behind means I do not care enough to what needs to be done. Leading from behind is the cowards way of dealing with a threat. Leading from behind is grossly neglectful and woefully inadequate. Leading from behind those three little words tell all we need to know about BHO/Lucifer and his plans for the USA. Did Moses lead from behind? Did Jesus lead from behind? Does G_d lead from behind? No they did/do not. While BHO/Lucifer is content to lead from behind…we must all send Isreal our heartfelt prayers for what they are facing. Some of us will be called upon to do more and when the time comes will you be ready? There is/will be no leading from behind for/when Isreal (when it) finally has to do what BHO/Lucifer has waffled/folded on. If we cannot stand behind Isreal…then we must stand in front of her. Either way…leading from behind is an insepid cowardly act of a president who is devoid of leadership skills.

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