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Rockdale native Katherine Davis confessed, “I’ll admit being a spoiled brat in my younger days, but after high school I realized I needed to transform my life.  After talking to recruiters I knew the toughest challenge would be the Marines.”

OnJune 06, 2005Davisboarded a Marine bus atFt.GillemforParris Island,SC.

“My mom cried,” she said.  “I asked myself, ‘Katherine, what have you done, girl?’”

Davis recalled Parris Island.  “I’d never been screamed at so much in my life, and I don’t remember seeing a bed for 2 days.  The training was rough and crude, but I wasn’t going to quit, I wanted to be a marine.”

Ironically, her peaceful moments came on the rifle range.  “Nobody messed with you there, they couldn’t.  I had time to collect myself.”  With a fear of heights, the rappel tower was her biggest challenge.  “I remember the drill instructor, a woman I swear was bi polar…

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