Newt: Obama apologizes for book burning – ignores murder of Americans

As a side note

Obama never seems concerned about Christians being murdered in Arab countries, calls for a new Holocaust in Egypt or the murder of Americans in Afghanistan but there is hell to pay for anyone who dares burn an Islamic book even if it was used to pass secret messages by terrorists in prison.

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2 Responses to Newt: Obama apologizes for book burning – ignores murder of Americans

  1. JC says:

    The silence of BHO/Lucifer is deafening concerning the Iranian pastor who has been sentenced to death for being a CHRISTAIN, and refusing to renouce his faith in Jesus!!!! If this continues we will return to the days of when Christains are pitted against a wild animal, in a public arena, only to be torn apart…for the amusement of those who adhere to a religion that seeks to make itself superior to all others. We have in our midst a president who identifies with and supports islam. I do not care how many “extremists” he has hunted down and taken out. It is totally compatible with islam to kill anyone who does not agree with your brand of islam. It is totally compatible with islam to lie to anyone who would stand in your way. I find it very telling that the media has not whispered one word of the protest that took place in Afganistan where the effigy of BHO was burned and on that effigy they wrote his name and called him a black dog. Where are the screams of racism? Where is the outrage for such racist behavior? We are called racist because we care not to accept BHO/Lucifer at face value of who and what he says he is. We are reviled as being gun clinging, Bible thumping, right wingers just by having the audacity to disagree with BHO/Lucifer and his marxist leanings and Alinsky style implementation of his agenda. God help us all for surely we have no one/nothing else on which to rely.

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