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I just wanted to take a few moments to remember these 7 men and their families. Brave warriors, you will be missed, but not forgotten.  Semper Fi.
The Camp Pendleton-based aircraft collide during a nighttime training mission in a remote part of Imperial County. The accident is called ‘a grave reminder’ of troops’ sacrifices. – Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
  • Maj. Thomas A. Budrejko, 37, of Montville, Conn., commissioned in the Marine Corps May 24, 1996 and served as an AH-1W Cobra pilot and Executive Officer of HMLA-469.
  • Capt. Michael M. Quin, 28, of Purcellville, Va., commissioned in the Marine Corps May 26, 2006 and served as a UH-1Y Huey pilot.
  • Capt. Benjamin N. Cerniglia, 31, of Montgomery, Ala., commissioned in the Marine Corps December 14, 2007 and served as an AH-1W Cobra pilot.
  • Sgt. Justin A. Everett, 33, of Clovis, Calif., enlisted in the Marine Corps February…

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  1. --Rick says:

    I’d like to thank Veterans Project 365 for the work done to honor and respect our active duty warriors and veterans. This story is heartbreaking; however, it documents the fact that our men and women in the military do not have to be engaged directly in combat to lose their lives while serving the nation. Seven United States Marines perished in a helicopter training accident and Veterans Project 365 has done an outstanding job of ensuring their sacrifice gets the notice and recognition deserved. My heartfelt sympathies and condolences goes out to the friends, shipmates and families of these heroic warriors.

    There is a port of no return, where ships
    May ride at anchor for a little space
    And then, some starless night, the cable slips,
    Leaving an eddy at the mooring place . . .
    Gulls, veer no longer. Sailor, rest your oar.
    No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.
    Lost Harbor by Leslie Nelson Jennings.

  2. JC says:

    Yes, it is a reminder just what our military sacrifices for us on a day to day basis.

    Too bad the vacationing, lobster eating, globe trotting, do as I say not as I do, president and spouse forgets it at every turn. The uncouth, ungrateful, America hating, military bashing, communistic loving, Constitutional law breaking, gotta have a teleprompter to even speak Barackshevik getting his number one desire…America’s destruction. This guy hates the military so bad he is willing to gut it without one smidgen of remorse.

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