Via email from Hudson Valley Patriots

OH HELL NO! CALL TO ACTION PATRIOTS! – Breaking: Afghan National Website Confirms That NATO Agreed to Hold Trial For Those Accused of Koran burning.

Patriots for America writes and I concur Every patriot must make calls, email, fax, make so much noise that those in DC will never go along with this. If we do not do anything to stop this….then we should hang our heads in shame! These are our sons and daughters, our moms and dads, our aunts and uncles, our family members! It is time we stand up and stop letting them treat our Troops like they are nothing more than trash! They are not to be used for political appeasement prisons for our enemies! Do you realize how many of our troops have had charges filed on them for doing their job? The very jobs we trained them and sent them to do! Make noise Patriots and don’t stop – PLEASE!!!!! Call your state and U.S. congressmen/women & senators. Call everyone…..military veterans call DoD, call everyone you can think of.

Read at Gateway Pundit

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