A shame, she puts out a lot of information.
Bob A.

The Mad Jewess

Here is their Twitter:

barenakedislam (@barenakedislam) on Twitter

These Muslims are just as bad as “LIBERALS”

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  1. I unsubscribed about a week ago. I’d get the “original” article. When the replies began coming back to my inbox, I’d try to get back on to comment; and I got a “Code 404.”
    Then it was suggested that I go to the site and find it through the Archives.

    It just became too much trouble.
    The difference between this site, Sleepless…and JC’s site is that people actually converse; toss out ideas; get each other involved in stories and sometimes dropping humor in. On BNI, I felt like I was around a bunch of women who gossip back and forth saying the same things over and over again without any NEW information being introduced into the conversation.

    REGARDLESS, however, it is sad when we are losing our freedom of speech because someone gets their widdle bitty feelings hurt over “THE TRUTH.”

  2. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE and commented:
    Forget all that , let all of us just Apologies and bow down!

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