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Charles Crews fought WWII beneath the Pacific Ocean as a submariner.  He and the crew of the USS Spot were depth-charged 4 times, twice by their own country.

Born in 1921, Crews said, “I lost both parents before my 14th birthday.  We kids were raised by a compassionate stepmother, but I was on my own at 18.”  Crews milked cows and delivered milk until introduced to his civilian niche as a projectionist in movie theaters. “A friend that operated projectors in the Navy taught me the trade,” he said.

Enthralled by his buddy’s tales of the Seven Seas, Crews tried to join the Navy in 1939 but was turned down.  “Flat feet,” he stated.  Crews found work at the fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta.  “I ushered before a promotion to projectionist in the screening room where they censored films, like trying to cut ‘damn’ from Gone with the Wind

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  1. Upaces says:

    Charles Crews was made of the “Right Stuff”…. His story is similar to those in my family during WWII. I come from a very large family (my dad and my mother)
    They had to take in my little cousin…others in the family due to WWII.

    I was too young to remember everything. However, what I do remember is that generation and their family members’ blood was Red, White and Blue. We were taught to Respect and LOVE OUR COUNTRY.
    They all worked hard. Most of my family members were farmers as children or worked in the Cotton fields. It was a hard time; but it was an HONEST time.

    G-D, Bless Our Military and God Bless and SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

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