Newt Gingrich with Piers Morgan President Obama’s Apology for Koran

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7 Responses to Newt Gingrich with Piers Morgan President Obama’s Apology for Koran

  1. upaces88 says:

    Rob…if YOU need any information about him to totally convince you…please, please, let me know.
    NOT one other candidate has ever been this straight forward FOR us.

    He has political baggage especially in his marriage. I like the way Pam Geller stated it:
    “He is an SOB; but He IS OUR SOB.”

    For what we are needing now to straighten out our Country…We need a no nonsense SOB to stand up for us!!!

  2. Ralph says:

    Newt has a plan to get this country back on track and a plan to balance the budget, He is the man we need in our house come Nov. Odumbo is running scared because he knows for a fact he is going to lose. If you haven’t check out Newts web site and read over his plan. He will be standing on the stage at the convention and hopefully West will be there with him.

    • upaces88 says:

      He IS the one for our WH. I would also like to see West with him.

      I keep stating an old fashion way of stating the fact.
      Newt is stronger than dirt; and has balls of steel.

  3. Upaces says:

    Rob…., HE is!!! Romney (like Cain) mentioned in a speech that “Muslims are NOT inherently dangerous”.
    Newt is the ONLY one who stands up for our Military and against the Muslims.

  4. Upaces says:

    Newt is the ONLY man we need in OUR WH!
    He just said what I have been saying as though he handed me the script!!
    They were “MURDERED” in a ” Secure Location”!!!

    Neither the UN or NATO spoke out when Muslims were “eating” the dead body of a child!
    He just sent troops “under the wire” to four African Countries.

    He hates OUR Military and he will say or do anything to disparage them.

    Newt is right…I would like to add we need a joint meeting about the treatment of Christians.
    It is “spinning out of control.”
    Obama stated that we will not be finished there until 2014!!!!

    Let them fight their own battles…..BRING THEM HOME!

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  6. roblorinov says:

    Well hell !! Gingrich just might be the man for the WH come November! I agree with every word he said. He has guts and that is what America needs right now instead of the anti-American traitor we have in office right now. BTW is anyone else sick of seeing Barry Obamy grovel at the feet of the enemy??? Just askin’ :)

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