United Nations Calls for Disciplinary Action…

…against Qur’an Burners
Think about how futile “disciplinary action” against the soldiers who burned the Qur’an would be. If the U.S. gives the soldiers a light punishment (a slap on the wrist), Muslims will be outraged that we don’t take the matter more seriously. But if we give the soldiers a heavy punishment (say, jail time), we will simply be enforcing Sharia on U.S. citizens. Either way, we lose. Read more…

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2 Responses to United Nations Calls for Disciplinary Action…

  1. Upaces says:

    And…. they burned Christian Bibles as they were defiling their own so called “holy Koran” by passing it to one another with plans and codes to blow up other people; and where to strike next!
    .They use their own precious Koran to use as TP and they are worried about anyone else who might burn it?!

  2. Upaces says:

    Well, sonofabitch…this realllly pisses me off!

    Do you know what we can do to stop this crap?
    What about somehow interceding to “formally” bitch out the UN and NATO for IGNORING
    that the Muslims not only beheaded Christians (and anyone else in their way;
    Set them on FIRE —
    Oh! The most gross one — a woman had to watch as they “ATE” her CHILD!!!! Yes, ate a child.
    Where was the UN and NATO then!!!

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