Obama’s list of achievements just doesn’t stop.
Bob A.

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  1. Questionman says:

    Whoever wrote this blog needs an education:

    The Chevy volt is doing just fine and had a 70% increase in sale in the last 3 months. They over produced and then other car companies released less expensive high MPG gas cars which reduced demand so to prevent having old models left in stock for next year they suspended production for 5 months to allow for the adjustment.

    The Volt is an excellent car and leads the way in safety and set the standard for electric cars. It’s only drawback is the price which has hurt sales and may force GM to lower it.

    Electric cars are performing very well and when you can power a car for pennies that produces no pollution it is going to be very popular.

    So I am not worried about the Volt and it will survive or be replaced by a lower cost electric and electric cars are here to stay!

    Schadenfreude toward the Volt from conservatives is misplaced and coming from ignorance. The Volt is not an Obama project. GM began it in 2006 while Bush was in office, in part because Bush signed the electric car tax credit that was passed by the GOP House and Senate in 2005. Bush said, “we must end our addiction to oil” (NOTE NOT “FOREIGN” OIL, JUST “OIL”) because we have less than 2% of world oil reserves COUNTING Arctic and offshore while OPEC has more than 78%. No matter how much we “Drill Baby Drill” the tiny uptick in oil available to the world oil market that would cause could be easily countered by the OPEC giant cutting its production a tad to match, keeping oil scarce, expensive, and a revenue source for our enemies. The ONLY way out is alternatives, and using our abundant cheap coal, natural gas, and nuclear power is an obvious one. Rooting for the Volt to fail means rooting for enemy victory in the War on Terror.

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