Lets go for a twofer..McCain calls for US airpower in Syria

To hell with McCain the fighter plane crasher. Here’s what our meddling in Libya accomplished. Smashing, desecrating graves in a WWII cemetery.

Obama helped put these Muslim scum in power!


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7 Responses to Lets go for a twofer..McCain calls for US airpower in Syria

  1. JC says:

    Red Neck Woman,

    Totally agree. Years ago YHWH put before me an opportunity to go through the twelve step program to becoming a mormon. They young men came to my home and set before me and “ministered” to me. YHWH had told me to expect them and that I was to ask a specific set of questions. Which I did. By the end of those twelve sessions those young men were turned from their cult and to this day they keep in touch with me. One is now a minister in the Church of God and the other a minister in the Church of the Nazeren. One question I asked was “why would a good and loving G_d turn HIS creations from heaven to be sent to earth to be tempted? No man, no angel can withstand the temptations of satan, save Jesus himself, (remember for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of G_D and this would include those that supposedly lived in heaven with G_d. They had no answer…they searched for weeks, prayed for months and they could not reconcile this to what they had been taught or to what their text(s) said. They also had no answer for their practice of “sealing” (taking on the sins of their deceased forefathers and being baptized to save their souls). The Bible is very clear that we are EACH responsible for our relationship with G_d, we cannot take on the sins of another to be absolved of them by taking them on and being baptized in their name. To do so flies in the face of Jesus’s purpose. Joseph Smith founded a cult and that is what is to this day. Mormonism is as dangerous as islam, and oddly enough for the same reasons.

  2. Now that is very weird that he GAVE HIS JOB — HIS RESPONSIBILITIES to McCain?

    There’s more to it. Move the curtain back…there is a lot more to this.

  3. roblorinov says:

    After he handed the 2008 election to Barry O the best thing Senator John McShame could do is shut up and go hide somewhere! What happened to all of Obama’s promises of no more war? You know Obama the instant Peace Prize winner. Anyone remember???

  4. jericho777 says:

    If Syria falls to the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s Kingdom of Jihadinazam, Israel will be completely sealed in. Egypt, Southern Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Libya, Uganda, Somolia, Yemen NATO Sponsored Proxies by Russia and China”. When Syria does fall, so then will all of Lebanon, Jordan. The PLO,FATAH, Hezbollah, will join ranks to close in Israel’s immediate borders. Pakistan and later Karzi’s Afghanistan with pressure from Russia’s Putin, will make an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and then the big prize, Saudi Arabia, and like Jordan and Lebanon, will agree some kind of power sharing treaty, or just say the hell with it and strangle them as they have Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and soon to be Uganda and Somalia. Now these places already have Islamic Terrorist in control of them. But the Muslim Brotherhood wants to control them, organize them into a fighting force, and not have them running around as independent tribes killing other Muslims. They want an army, and know it will take resources, and know it will take men willing to die for Islam as one people. They’re not stupid! They are a tactical force, and when you see Sunni and Shiite Muslims coming together, and they are, then they are planning a major battle?

    • JC says:


      We are looking at a kingdom reconsituted…has a familiar ring to it does it not?

      • jericho777 says:

        Does it ever…The one thing I am prayerful over since Andrews death, is that it just might have finally made others realize just how much a threat this President and the Liberal left really are, after the absolute filth and evil that they have vented and spewed these past several days at the announcement that Andrew passed away, that the two videos he has/had, puts a spike in the heart of his presidency, I pray it hurts him with the combined fires of hell coursing through his wretched and godless soul, makes him scream in agony…Many so called moderate and social conservatives who are supporting the Mormon god Rohm, will cause us more harm, than Obama ever could, for the simple fact that he is carrying the title conservative, it’s going to further water us down, and his Mormonism, just as threatening, and just as harmful. They have a duty first to their church in that all they decide, that their decisions will benefit their church first and foremost, and we will be placed in a long line to no where, just as Obama is doing with his Muslim faith, just as he is doing in the Mideast, so will Rohm with the Mormon cultist church…
        JC, you have been great in showing the elites purpose to elect Rohm, they know Newt is a threat to their power. I believe Newt is going to win, mostly because he’s a mean bastard to those who are a threat to this Nation, and who are dishonest about their true purpose, first of all, secondly because he is attuned to
        everything around him, and swims against the current than with it, spooking his prey,
        he will be our monster against the left and the elites, and I can’t wait to be witness of it, YHWH willing?
        keep up the great work, we are loving it man! :)

        • Redneck Woman says:


          Mormonism and Islam have many common similarities….

          “I Will Be a Second Mohammed”
          In the heat of the Missouri “Mormon War” of 1838, Joseph Smith made the following claim, “I will be to this generation a second Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was ‘the Alcoran [Koran] or the Sword.’ So shall it eventually be with us—‘Joseph Smith or the Sword!’ ”[1]
          It is most interesting that a self-proclaimed Christian prophet would liken himself to Mohammed, the founder of Islam. His own comparison invites us to take a closer look as well. And when we do, we find some striking—and troubling—parallels. Consider the following.
          •Mohammed and Joseph Smith both had humble beginnings. Neither had formal religious connections or upbringing, and both were relatively uneducated. Both founded new religions by creating their own scriptures. In fact, followers of both prophets claim these scriptures are miracles since their authors were the most simple and uneducated of men.[2]
          •Both prophets claim of having angel visitations, and of receiving divine revelation to restore pure religion to the earth again. Mohammed was told that both Jews and Christians had long since corrupted their scriptures and religion. In like manner, Joseph Smith was told that all of Christianity had become corrupt, and that consequently the Bible itself was no longer reliable. In both cases, this corruption required a complete restoration of both scripture and religion. Nothing which preceded either prophet could be relied upon any longer. Both prophets claim they were used of God to restore eternal truths which once existed on earth, but had been lost due to human corruption.
          •Both prophets created new scripture which borrowed heavily from the Bible, but with a substantially new “spin.” In his Koran, Mohammed appropriates a number of Biblical themes and characters—but he changes the complete sense of many passages, claiming to “correct” the Bible. In so doing he changes many doctrines, introducing his own in their place. In like manner, Joseph Smith created the Book of Mormon, much of which is plagiarized directly from the King James Bible. Interestingly, the Book of Mormon claims that this same Bible has been substantially corrupted and is therefore unreliable. In addition, Joseph Smith went so far as to actually create his own version of the Bible itself, the “Inspired Version,” in which he both adds and deletes significant portions of text, claiming he is “correcting” it. In so doing he also changes many doctrines, introducing his own in their place.
          •As a part of their new scriptural “spin,” both prophets saw themselves as prophesied in scripture, and both saw themselves as a continuation of a long line of Biblical prophets. Mohammed saw himself as a continuation of the ministry of Moses and Jesus. Joseph Smith saw himself as a successor to Enoch, Melchizedek, Joseph and Moses. Joseph Smith actually wrote himself into his own version of the Bible—by name.
          •Both prophets held up their own scripture as superior to the Bible. Mohammed claimed that the Koran was a perfect copy of the original which was in heaven. The Koran is therefore held to be absolutely perfect, far superior to the Bible and superceding it. In like manner, Joseph Smith also made the following claim. “I told the Brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding its precepts, than by any other book.”[3]
          •Despite their claim that the Bible was corrupt, both prophets admonished their followers to adhere to its teachings. An obvious contradiction, this led to selective acceptance of some portions and wholesale rejection of others. As a result, the Bible is accepted by both groups of followers only to the extent that it agrees with their prophet’s own superior revelation.
          •Both Mohammed and Joseph Smith taught that true salvation was to be found only in their respective religions. Those who would not accept their message were considered “infidels,” pagans or Gentiles. In so doing, both prophets became the enemy of genuine Christianity, and have led many people away from the Christ of the Bible.
          •Both prophets encountered fierce opposition to their new religions and had to flee from town to town because of threats on their lives. Both retaliated to this opposition by forming their own militias. Both ultimately set up their own towns as model societies.
          •Both Mohammed and Joseph Smith left unclear instructions about their successors. The majority of Mohammed’s followers, Sunni Muslims, believe they were to elect their new leader, whereas the minority, Shiite Muslims, believe Mohammed’s son was to be their next leader. Similarly, the majority of Joseph Smith’s followers, Mormons, believed their next prophet should have been the existing leader of their quorum of twelve apostles, whereas the minority, RLDS, believed Joseph Smith’s own son should have been their next prophet. Differences on this issue, and many others, have created substantial tension between these rival groups of each prophet.
          •Mohammed taught that Jesus was just another of a long line of human prophets, of which he was the last. He taught that he was superior to Christ and superceded Him. In comparison, Joseph Smith also made the following claim.
          “I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him, but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet.”[4] In light of these parallels, perhaps Joseph Smith’s claim to be a second Mohammed unwittingly became his most genuine prophecy of all.


          [1] Joseph Smith made this statement at the conclusion of a speech in the public square at Far West, Missouri on October 14, 1838. This particular quote is documented in Fawn M. Brodie, No Man Knows My History, second edition, (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1971), p. 230–231. Fawn Brodie’s footnote regarding this speech contains valuable information, and follows. “Except where noted, all the details of this chapter [16] are taken from the History of the [Mormon] Church. This speech, however, was not recorded there, and the report given here is based upon the accounts of seven men. See the affidavits of T.B. Marsh, Orson Hyde, George M. Hinkle, John Corrill, W.W. Phelps, Samson Avard, and Reed Peck in Correspondence, Orders, etc., pp. 57–9, 97–129. The Marsh and Hyde account, which was made on October 24, is particularly important. Part of it was reproduced in History of the [Mormon] Church, Vol. III, p. 167. See also the Peck manuscript, p. 80. Joseph himself barely mentioned the speech in his history; see Vol. III, p. 162.”
          [2] John Ankerberg & John Weldon, The Facts on Islam, (Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 1998), pp.8–9. Eric Johnson, Joseph Smith & Muhammed, (El Cajon, CA: Mormonism Research Ministry, 1998), pp. 6–7.
          [3] Documentary History of the [Mormon] Church, vol.4, pp.461.
          [4] Documentary History of the [Mormon] Church, vol.6, pp.408–409.

          As to McCain…..He is also one of the politicians that has been paid by the Saudi’s to do their bidding….just another dhimmi puppet on a string! He gave up his election to be President to Obama cuz the Saudi’s made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse! Another traitor he is!
          Wish that these dimwits would just keep their mouth’s shut for once! Let Assad do as he wishes with the MB donkey humpers!

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