New video (#2) on 3-5-2012…

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Obama apologizes for our troops burning a few Qur’ans already desecrated by Muslims and his Muzzie friends destroy Christian and Jewish gravestones in a WWII cemetery . Respect Islam, I think not.

Click link for video in entirety.

Obama helped put these Muslim scum in power!

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3 Responses to New video (#2) on 3-5-2012…

  1. I do hope the Sheriff at the least goes to You Tube and watches these video(s)
    and the truth coming out of his own mouth.

  2. Obama Admits he is a Muslim and Born in Kenya

  3. The world hasn’t gone insane. The world protectors, supposedly the UN and NATO have knelt at the Altar of Islam. I have never been a “Churchie bible pounder”; however, in the specific examples I will give below — it seems Evil, Satan (Islam)…what ever you want to call it is in control
    and fully intend to take over the entire damn planet… and by that I mean “They are DAMNING the entire planet as every breath they take is to destroy any nation that aren’t in control of. By Churchie? There have been several leaders that have been called “The Anti-Christ”– however, Christians were NOT targeted as they are now.
    NATO and the UN stand by allowing and even being involved with prosecuting Our Military who were sent there to protect them — and burned Korans.
    Yet they turn their backs as Muslims murder a child — eat her little dead body in front of the mother.
    The UN and NATO have not stepped in to protect any of the Christians.


    Obama is a Saudi Plant in OUR WH:

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