Is this Obama going to awaken a sleeping giant as Japan did at Pearl Harbor?

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  1. Boud…I think it will. I had a lady email me today. She practically lived at my house growing up. She now works 3 jobs 5 days a week and one job on Saturday because she wants her family to have all of their needs met.
    She works all the time, and emailed me in a panic…asking me if I knew what was going on in OUR Country. She was overwhelmed and scared. I emailed her the Obama video(s) admitting not only he came from Kenya but also admitting a Muslim.
    After she absorbs that for a couple of days, I will continue to send her articles, etc.

    Some of us are fortunate in a way…I barely make it financially; however, I am able to be online to see what is going on!!!

    She commented that she watches the news — we all know how little REAL information we get there.


  2. He gets away with it because NO ONE is stopping him.

    I DO NOT want it to come to this!

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