“The Pizza Pistol”, Wild Bill For America

Are idiots running our public schools?

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1 Response to “The Pizza Pistol”, Wild Bill For America

  1. I can confirm “School Teachers are idiots!!!”

    I don’t even know where to start!
    I was in a graduate program at the age of 54. I was in the Community Counseling Program along with Teachers who were getting their Masters as “School Counselors.”

    During a test in Advanced Psychology…they were given the “answers prior” to the test because they had complained that the tests were too hard.
    In another class, they were “given” spikes in their scores because they had failed.

    I had already had internships during my B.S. Degree with U.T. SW Medical. I worked with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence as well as Women who were battered by them.
    We were discussing battered women during my graduate school studies, and you’d be shocked at how many “teachers” in the classroom believed it “was the woman’s fault” that her significant other was battering her.

    The old saying IS TRUE…”they become teachers because that is ALL they can do.
    Once in a great while, someone takes the responsibility seriously of teaching children, and the “other teachers” make life so uncomfortable for them…they go on to some other type of employment.

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