They’re correct it will not cut gas prices. However it will raise gas prices because corporations don’t really pay the taxes themselves they are passed on to the consumer.
Bob A.

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  1. JC says:

    They want us to pay what they pay in France….almost $10.00 per gallon. His definition of fair. The truly stupid falls to understand that when this globalist speaks of fairness he is not speaking of fairness in terms of just inside the USA…he is speaking globally. The USA got where we are on the back of the rest of the world…therefore we must pay (including black people in America). Once that is accomplished he will then work to make sure we are all enslaved to pay for our sins (as he sees them). Of course he will work to negate some of the results on the black community…but not for the purpose to make life better for them but to ensure their enslavement remains unknown to them. You see the democratic party has excelled at keeping them on the plantation for so long that most black people think their Freedom is dependant/ relies on the democratic party. When they finally wake up they will have participated in their own demise/destruction…all the while supporting the very organization(s) that have kept from looking beyond the past that democrats created just for them.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Surely! Surely, he does NOT think we are falling for this crap!!

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