An interesting take on Romney from Newt 2012

Dear NY Volunteers,

Let me first give you some straight facts about today/tonight and Alabama and Mississippi.  Newt was shooting for wins, so clearly, it is disappointing, but in terms of all important delegates, the difference between first by a couple of points and second by a couple of points is very small indeed (as of this writing the exact numbers are still not in).

Romney finished third in both states in what was a very good night for Santorum.

But here is what is being missed.  Paul Begala hinted at it tonight on CNN without really understanding what he was saying.

Many of you have heard me on our statewide calls and in private conversations discussing why Romney comes across the way he does, why he stutters, and seems to be constantly scanning the audience to gauge the crowd reaction before moving to his next point.

It is because of his training as an investor.  It is the same reason why an investor is not qualified to be President, as opposed to a businessman/entrepreneur.  Investors gauge markets.  They judge situations and adjust on the fly to find the best investment.  This is why Romney appears to have no central idea, because he is gauging the “market” of his particular audience.  In front of a crowd, testing his “Investment” to see if the crowd is buying the product. Read more…

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