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  1. Redneck Woman says:

    All I can say is Obama has a death wish and if he decides he is going to cancel the election and start rounding up who he thinks are terrorists ( Christians, Veterans, etcetera)…..he won’t be around long to live like a king! As the saying goes….”Pride goeth before a fall” and he is so proud of himself! He’s going to have a very hard fall!

    Be prepared for anything! It’ll happen fast! Oh..and one other thing…don’t be afraid of the military…they are not on Obi’s side!!

    • upaces88 says:

      I have stated a couple of times on blogs…”don’t thing we are going to have an election at all!”;

      I WANT to be wrong and embarrassed. That will make me very very happy.

    • upaces88 says:

      Ya know, Redneck Woman, it never even entered my mind that our Military would harm us.
      I have sent you a huge amount of mail today….there was one article — lol .. I just looked up…
      it’s this video…
      An ad in the paper to hire people to guard us?
      Watch him…jist watch the sob… he’ll start another damn war just to get ALL the Military out of the country so his NBPP can round all of us whities up!

      • Redneck Woman says:

        He won’t be able to get all the Military out of the country….some do have to stay behind and watch the bases. There are lots of Veterans also who still stand behind their Oath….even Law Enforcement Officers, etcetera….there even is a Firing Squad especially for the President who are just waiting to get the call. Their only job is to wait for that call….

        He will be burnt toast if he decides to do anything stupid like this. Let him hire people for the FEMA camps….let him do the Executive Orders for National Defense…..

        He is just trying to get everyone worked up into a frenzy so that rioting will occur and then he can do his Emergency Martial Law…..He’s too arrogant to take the warnings the Military has already sent him …..he thinks American’s are a bunch of Pansies and Panty-waists…..until he’s standing at the Rose Garden Wall, charged with Treason, found guilty and executed. If he thinks it’s unfair then he can start his appeal process right after the last “Bang” is heard!

        • upaces88 says:

          He still hasn’t figured us out yet!@
          We really do work hard at doing things “the right way.”
          We are NOT stupid. We know what he is up to!
          Jeeeze….or, maybe that is “what he wants” — to act violent like they do in the Middle East.
          We don’t do that. That is why we have police, the Military, etc.

  2. upaces88 says:

    I feel like such a kill joy? I was just on Tea Party Nation…they’re talking about the upcoming election. Please prove me wrong. Right now? I don’t think there will be one. He is moving way way too fast…

  3. upaces88 says:

    This is getting allll too real.
    This is the NWO.!!!

    Internal Contractor? Civil Disobedience?

    Finally! Busting TSA!!!!

    For this to be happening this long before the elections? I seriously doubt we will even have an election. One way or another, he will find a way to shut down the internet when “THE happening occurs.” This is just moving way, way too fast….it is as though he is in over drive!

    My friend…I want to be proven wrong. Before, he does anything “permanent” — he will shut down the Internet.

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