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By Chris Ariens on March 20, 2012 3:33 PM Drudge Report is making a big deal today about how the White House had asked U.S. media organizations to not cover Malia Obama‘s Spring…

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Western Journalism Barack Obama is a brazen criminal. He is so protected by the mainstream media, that he can joke about being an illegal president and everyone in the room, including the…

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Originally posted on a12iggymom's Blog:
Every where we look today we see the organized power of Islam. On March 8, 2012 representatives from 20 chapters of CAIR met with 113 Congressional offices. Is it a problem that CAIR…

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Originally posted on The Mad Jewess:
The Toulouse killer is sorry he did not murder more Jews.  Jews with a clue-GET GUNS.  The whole world is blaming you/us for EVERYTHING.  Anything that comes to their minds, its our fault.  When…

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Media threatened with federal investigations if Obama birth certificate story reported

This is more reason why the media should be reporting and investigating his report. Reblog this from American Freedom! Bob A.

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Originally posted on Doctor Bulldog & Ronin:
Thank you Libtards and Lefturds!  After all, if we would have been allowed to close off the borders, I doubt very seriously we would be talking about “thousands” of Hezbollah agents sneaking into…

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A British observation on the Toulouse killer!

Via The Jihad threat against the West and Israel The liberal progressive, politically correct media and western “leaders” will kill us all yet! The Toulouse killer is a Muslim terrorist so the media narrative changes again While all the media … Continue reading

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Can’t wait to hear the lies coming about this energy roadshow. Bob A.

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Obama’s Arab Spring in action!!

Via Compass Direct News Obama wants to bring more Muslims to America, why? Nuns Traumatized after School Attack in Egypt One hospitalized for breakdown after sword-wielding Muslims converge. CAIRO, Egypt, March 16 (CDN) — Two nuns in Upper Egypt faced … Continue reading

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