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  1. upaces88 says:

    @ Mad Jewess:

    Israel: Jews saving Christians from Islam

    Christians are being attacked, dispossessed, exiled and murdered all over the Middle East, and their churches, shrines and religious paraphernalia are being burned and destroyed throughout the region, all at the hands of Islamists (followers of Islam) acting in the name of Islam. Except for Israel, Christians in every single country and area in the Middle East, including Gaza and the West Bank, live in fear and trepidation and face constant heavy-handed persecution, subjugation, degradation and the threat of death.

    Continue Reading:

    Jerry is a writer for Canada Free Press and can be reached

  2. boudicabpi says:

    When Lebanon was falling to Islam the only country helping the Christians was Israel.

  3. upaces88 says:

    Mad Jewess, what is deeply disturbing to me is that he “invites” 80,000 Muslims to come here while Christians are slaughtered every day. I read an article that Israel has held out her hand and allowing the Christians to run to Israel.

    • JC says:

      Yes, Israel has put her hand out to those needing refuge from the brutality of islam. What is she getting her for effort? BHO/Lucifer continuing his war against her. It is obvious to anyone with a brain that BHO/Lucifer is standing with islam. He said he would, just read dreams of my father. He tells you what he would do should the winds of war rear its ugly head. Oh yeah he got bin Laden? It means nothing. Satan himself will kill thousands of his followers just to get you believe that he stands against evil.

    • The Mad Jewess says:

      Wow, Christians can run to Israel?
      WOW, thats fabulous.
      I want to go, but not yet.
      Looking for land high in the hills over there IF Obama gets elected and takes our guns.

      OR Palau, see this:

  4. upaces88 says:

    And, to think that the U.S. resident in OUR WH is helping them. I am not a student of the Bible, but I do seem to remember that during the “end times”, the world would turn against Israel. Well, that is here.

  5. JC says:

    Yes MJ we are living in satanic times…the devil is in islam and he has declared a step up of his war against G_d and we are the pawns he uses.

  6. The Mad Jewess says:

    I am overwhelmed with grief over this.
    Christians being murdered all over, Jews being targeted and murdered–for sure, we are living in satanic times.

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