Inflation worst in 30 years – government still lying about it! Thanks Obama.

H/T Hudson Valley Patriots

We’ve been warning you for two years. Anyone who buys groceries or gas or electricity has seen prices skyrocket. Why do the politicians pretend it’s not happening? Why does Obama say he cares about the middle cl;ass then crush them with a mountain of debt that devalues the dollar and drives up the cost of everything.

Even Obama said out of control spending is “unpatriotic.” Of course he meant just Bush’s spending is unpatriotic. Obama has increased the debt in his first three years more than Bush did in all eight years.

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2 Responses to Inflation worst in 30 years – government still lying about it! Thanks Obama.

  1. Roberta says:

    I have lost alot of weight since Obama has been in office. Gas to get to job that was just gotten by my disabled veteran husband, after being out of work to take care of my dad who was ill. There are very few jobs. Don’t believe jobs for veterans junk. Then we pay alot of money for electricity, even with pulling plugs not in use and walking in dark home! I doublt Obama worries now or ever will worry. We go to food pantry and get old food, don’t believe the USPS food drive. We get to eat meat 4 times week. FOOD PRICES ARE WAY TOO INSANELY HIGH, ELECTIRCITY IS TOO HIGH, GAS IS STUDPIDLY HIGH, then there is insurance for a home in Florida (good luck making that payment), then there is health insurance and with children what is a person to do?! What about the taxes on just about everything now. There is rich and poor in our county now. What is a person to do? No where for teens to play safely. What has gone on with America? We need reperasenitives, congresspeople, etc who are struggling to make it like the majority and a nice apopology from President Obama and no more glamorous parties in and out of White House with our tax dollars Obama. I can barely have a backyard cookout. That is what I want for representation someone who can barely have a backyard cookout and shops with what is on sale, not what we would want or like to eat. Good luck America. I am just happy for that $8. hr paycheck my husband will get someday. Maybe we can get a HDTV antenna to get another TV channel. Oh no, that is a luxuory joke. It has to go to gas to get to job, etc.

  2. JC says:

    There you go again confusing the confused with facts. Good heavens they cannot take the pressure. lol

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