Sad but true!

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  1. 抓姦蒐證 says:

    Who do I contact about buying some ad space on this site? Maybe like a banner on either the header or footer. Please let me know. Great site by the way. Thanks!

  2. upaces88 says:

    Obama stabbed Calderon in the back.
    Remember back when Jan Brewer was stomping her feet about the Border and Arizona not being safe?
    Not only did he invite Calderon and the UN to speak out against Brewer — his deal with Calderon was to help him “clean up the problem.”
    Did he? Nooooo. After that, Brian Terry was murdered by “OUR” guns from F&F.
    I haven’t heard lately about the Law suit that was supposedly filed (or were they just “threatening to file it?)
    Obama doesn’t want to have peace on the border or anywhere else. His own behaviors in the methods he chooses are evidence of that.
    Folks, this is not rocket science:
    1) Have those that are already here — register (just like our ancestors did at Ellis Island);
    2) Background checks are a MUST;
    3) After they register, they MUST attend classes to learn to read and speak English (most community colleges offer classes);
    4) They must learn the Constitution; Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (and be tested);
    5) They must then go before a judge to be sworn in as an American Citizen.
    6) The men “must” join the Military if he is under 30 years of age.
    7) They must have a health Check

    The adults will NEVER receive Social Security benefits because they have not paid into it.
    They are NOT to receive food stamps for the same reason. They have never paid into the system to warrant receiving food stamps.

    8) Put the Military on the border. Place signs at every major path where they come into the U.S. Also run ads in all the major newspapers; and give a press release to every major TV station in Mexico.
    IF shot crossing the border “illegally, any lawsuits will not be accepted in any U.S. court.

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