Obama takes credit for expediting the pipeline!

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2 Responses to Obama takes credit for expediting the pipeline!

  1. upaces88 says:

    Of course he does!!!
    Pisses me off too much to even discuss at this point.

  2. JC says:

    How very apropos. This artist has it right. BHO/Lucifer foot is on the neck of every American. Holding us down so his cronies (in Senate and Congress) can kick us a little harder. The truly stupid only see a savior…sad isn’t it. I will take a pass at what type of salvation that BHO/Lucifer is providing/offering. In the words of Ann Barnhardt is it time to fix our bayonets and charge with all our might. This man must be defeated. Most of us know at least a couple of folks who are of like mind yet not registered to vote….your mission, should you choose to accept, is to get them registerd and ready to vote to get this evil man out of the White House. It is our job to hold to the fire the feet of the nominee and make him or her repeal obamacare and to stop this agenda of killing America. The democratic machine is working fast and furious to register like minded voters. Trust me when I tell you the last election around…they had excelled at that. I work as a poll manager where I live and have been fortunate to help out in the last couple of elections in the office helping with absentee voting. Absentee voters were lined down the block not just one day but for thirty days. Most had one over riding thought on their minds and that was, “how do I vote straight democrat ticket” or “I just want to vote for Obama”. Many made no bones about it. They wanted their black man to win. I was almost certain that there would be no one left to vote on election day. I suspect we will have part duex come October 6, 2012. (That is when absentee voting begins in my state).

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