Love Syndrome: Overcoming odds for sake of art

Watch more on RT’s documentary channel
March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. Get a ticket to the peculiar theatre where people with Down Syndrome perform. Go behind scenes and meet the actors and their families. These kind of people are known as open-hearted, very sensitive and friendly.

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14 Responses to Love Syndrome: Overcoming odds for sake of art

  1. upaces88 says:

    Sorry, I had to take a 2nd look to see your friend…all I saw was your precious son. She is very pretty.

    • boudicabpi says:

      When she was working at the deli used to take my son there every weekday morning for breakfast. His day program would pick him up there instead of the house. Her and I would talk usually an hour, hour and a half a day. Jimmy would talk to all the contractors and people that would come in. Sometimes he would talk with her and if I went over he would say Dad, we’re talking private things, LOL. Since she changed jobs don’t go up, and have breakfast here. She’s very nice but as dependable as the weather, as wild as the wind. Her mom told me she’s undependable with her. See her on her lunch hour maybe once a month, usually go when Jimmy’s with me..

  2. upaces88 says:

    Awwww, he is precious. How are he and the puppy getting along? Do they get to sleep together?

  3. upaces88 says:

    Bob, Special Needs Children teach anyone and everyone that come into their lives Unconditional Love, Kindness and Patience. They are blessings to everyone that is fortunate enough to be in their lives.

  4. upaces88 says:

    Bob, I was trying to take my afternoon nap except I kept thinking about you; and your family.
    Special Needs children, in my heart, are born to those who have the capacity to show an “EXCEPTIONAL and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.” They are very special spiritual blessings to each life they touch. Their LOVE touches everyone they come in contact with “If” allowed.
    They aren’t just children to teach us many, many people around them they will touch throughout their lives kindness, love and patience and giving without the “expectation of a specific return.”

  5. boudicabpi says:

    This is a photo of my son and a girl we got friends with when she worked at a local deli. Saw her every day and her and I talked a lot. She got my son to eat a lot of things he wouldn’t before. since she changed jobs see her maybe once a month. Taken last August. We had just gotten him the puppy a month earlier.

  6. upaces88 says:

    G-d, Bless These Sweet Souls.

    • boudicabpi says:

      I know from experience sometimes it can be difficult but they can be a blessing. My son is Down syndrome (age 36) and being in a small village he has touched so many lives. He lives at home, just him and I and temporarily my grandson.

      • upaces88 says:

        You do know the challenges they face as well as the families. You must be a very special Soul to have been given these precious people in your life.
        I wrote this a few minutes ago then took it out…waiting for a response.
        Years ago, I went to an independent church –The Priest had been let go from an Episcopal Church for teaching the secrets behind the scriptures as well s teaching from.the Scriptures that were “deliberately left” out in order to control the masses; and the stories known about Jesus around the world. The was on the Southern Methodist University in one of the lecture halls.
        He became a well-known Priest and the church grew as did his reputation.
        He was asked to lecture and take on the responsibility to raise funds for children like those in the video. He refused.
        A year later, His wife gave birth to one of these Angels. Many of his sermons reflected how LOVE requests of us to give more of ourselves; our understandings; and most of all to “act” on that LOVE.

      • tthan43 says:

        You are not alone…..just think….there are millions this very instant who are infinitely worse off than you. That was the main thing that kept me going in the darkest, most desolate of hope and the most miserable during the darkest days of imprisonment. And, it is true!!!!!! No matter how stressful or tiring or bad my day was, I would think of those whose lives were far more horrible than mine. I remember the Balkan wars in which the Communist leaders of Sarevo were doing their genocide thing. I saw a photo of some Muslim farmers and their families in a line that stretched for miles and miles. They were being driven by the police in black to a POW camp and the line was mired in mud, misery and death. There were elderly women pulling wagons with everything they owned, knee deep in mud…by the tens of thousands. It was a line of misery and despair. And my life was brilliant and wonderful and I wept for them. Even today, they are digging up mass graves of families who, for no other reason than that they were Muslim farmers, they were executed. I am most definitely anti-muslim….but I am pro-human. You circumstances I am sure at times drag you down and down and down but, I can vouch emphatically for the power of love. My wife who was bed ridden and could not do anything for herself in the way of getting to the bathtub or dressing herself…I had to help carry her, do for her, do all the house work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, outside work, gardening, creating a place of beauty so she could have a beautiful place full of flowers that she could be proud of. And, once or twice she commented that she felt guilty b/c she could not help. To me, that was a strange thing and I analyzed it internally and thought this….I told her that to me, she was like a little child who was sick in bed. One does not feel obligated to do everything for that child, one does not hold it against the child….it makes no difference….it is a labor of love. I used to tell her that there are only 2 kinds of people in this world…givers and takers. I am a giver and will give my last drop of blood to make another happy. Unfortunately, she was a taker. Takers will take that last drop of blood and still insist on more. It is a bad mix but, the labor of love on my part paid no attention to it.

        • boudicabpi says:

          My wife was very ill, and her last 2-3 years basically the same, bed-ridden not able to do for herself. Symptoms of Parkinsons and Ahlzeimers. Hard on my son to see her like that and my daughter and I, and others worried how he would take it when she passed. He took it very well and another friend had just had a little boy around the time Jimmy’s mom passed. Her first day back at work Jimmy saw her car and asked where she was. He went into the office and talked to her for about 10 minutes, just the two of them. The next day she told me that he seemed more at ease than she had ever seen him, like a weight had been taken off of his shoulders. We’ve been blessed with so many good friends.

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