Democrat’s were the party of slavery in America and…

…they still are. Slavery is alive and well today in the United States thanks to the Democrats. Prior to the civil war plantation owners kept slaves and they were subservient to the plantation owner. Obeying him, dependent on him for everything. They lived in poverty dependent on the good will of the plantation owner for their well being. They had no likelyhood of living a free, independent and prosperous life just a life of dependency on their master. Today the plantation thanks to the Democrats is the Federal Government’s welfare state. Those caught into it seldom get out. Instead they are kept dependent on the master. Their survival is a life absent freedom, independence, prosperity.

If Obama is re-elected, if the Democrats are not cleaned out of the majority in the Senate and a thorough cleaning not done in the house and Senate of progressive Democrats and RINO’s an increasing number of American’s are going to become captured as slaves of the failed Federal Government. You know it’s true, stand up vote against them and do something about it. This 2012 election may be your last chance.

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11 Responses to Democrat’s were the party of slavery in America and…

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  2. W. C. Taqiyya says:

    Where do I begin? First Boudica, I’m glad I found your blog and that you are a warrior. I agree that the multi-generational welfare ghetto is a form of servitude. Detroit is the perfect example of this democrat driven abomination. It belongs to the democrats because they have enjoyed exclusive political power in Detroit for several generations. In no way do I excuse the democrat party or the lazy inhabitants of the democrat plantation. However, the plantation extends far beyond Detroit and affects far more Americans. The fact is that most people are government dependents. And I don’t excuse them either. Whether it’s food stamps, unemployment checks, welfare, alimony, child support, social security, Medicaid, Medicare, public pensions and public employee payrolls, most of America is firmly planted. And they will continue to vote that way. Yup, it’s the republicans and democrats, it’s the whole danged government. Now, thanks to Bush Jr’s. ‘faith based initiative’, most churches are also on the government dole. Hello, government controlled churches. But fortunately it’s all legal because most Americans are entitled to their benefits and almost everyone enjoys special privileges and legal protections. Almost all. The one noteworthy exception is a group of Americans whose condition most closely resembles real slavery. Yes, I speak of men. Specifically, white, heterosexual, divorced or separated men. This group has no legal protections or special entitlements. By zero, I mean none, they are guilty automatically. So, the government imprisons men for debt or (mostly) false accusations of violence (no proof required), extorts their money, steals their homes, children, permits, vehicles, licenses and livelihoods. No worries though, it’s all legal. I mean it’s vicious indentured servitude, with no time limit, no opportunity for meaningful judicial review and no way to discharge the debt through bankruptcy or insolvent debtor laws. I exclude black men from my discussion because they are already in prison or soon will be, never have money and almost never have a job. Take your pick. The FBI has some sobering statistics regarding black on black and black on white crime worth looking at. But anyway, the plantation is huge and some slaves are more equal than others. By the way, I’m tired of seeing the female bloggers bitching about why men aren’t ‘doing’ anything. Men don’t have any power girls, you wanted it that way, now deal with it. I can’t wait for the fallout on this one….

  3. boudicabpi says:

    Republicans share the blame. It’s the liberal progressives in both parties that need to go. In the Republican party the RINO’s. It’s the leadership in both parties.

    • Annie says:

      Oh, I could go on; Yes, Republicans share the blame- but we HAVE to stop this BLAME GAME and start uniting instead of dividing, That means each time we say something political, we DON’T point fingers, yet we have a lively discussion of what we think is good and why. No more tripe! For our survival as a nation, we stick together on this one, or we ALL drown :(

      • boudicabpi says:

        Someone has to share the blame IMO and I’ll take my share for so many years of apathy and not speaking out.I believe if we have to stick together it is to speak our minds and get rid of Obama/Reid. I have to one day get over to your Lupus site.
        Bob A.
        Bob A.

        • Annie says:

          Bob A. Oh, I don’t mean that I don’t think Obama/Pelosi/Reid don’t need to go; but I mean Republicans and Democrats need to make a concerted effort not to fight amongst themselves. Politics have ripped apart my family and it doesn’t need to do the same to the nation. Too much is at stake.

  4. Annie says:

    While the situation is dire and this election maybe be my last chance, i don’t think the solution is to further divide the country by saying Dems are the slave owners and Republicans are lily white. (which we know isn’t true).

    Since the wrongs aren’t being righted in DC. the citizens, by their vote and protests need to make their voice heard, peacefully. We can write or call our legislators so they RESPECT us for OUR OPINIONS. The citizens need to take the higher moral ground and NOT be political and divisive; PRACTICALITY! and common sense need to rule.

  5. Ah yes- this old tripe. So tell me why when we look at those famous red state/Blue state maps at election times why is it that the red states:
    Have the highest rate of poverty among blaacks
    The lowest rate of education for blacks
    The highest unenmployment and lowest average wages for blacks
    the largest percentage of the black population in jail/prison
    the highest percentage of the black population on death row
    the most hate groups
    have passed or are trying to past “voter id” laws that overwhelmingly disenfranchise blacks
    Well, I could go on…

    • boudicabpi says:

      I never mentioned black, The dependency encompasses all races. The policies are predominantly democrat liberal, progressive policies.

      • Annie says:

        You’re right bouda. There’s no need to press the race issue in the Tayvon Martin case; this shouldn’t happen to ANYONE, let alone an Asian, white or Latino teen.

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