Either unleash our troops or bring them home. There is no in between except in liberal utopian minds!


(Atlas Shrugs) A mass attack by our “partners” in the Afghan army. We trained them, armed them, funded them. This is the reality behind Obama’s fantasist strategy.

A cache of suicide vests were found in Afghan defense ministry (which we fund.)

And a number of Afghan national army soldiers have been arrested inside the country’s defense ministry over a foiled suicide bomb plot, officials told NBC News.

The soldiers were held on Monday afternoon along with 11 suicide bomb vests in a guard box in the building in the capital, Kabul, army officials said on Tuesday.

Mass suicide attack foiled on same day as two British soldiers were shot dead by Afghan army officer at compound gates Daily Mail

  • Planned attack targeting buses in capital of Kabul
  • 11 suicide jackets seized from ministry of defence
  • Army officer told sentries he was government security
  • Soldiers shot dead attacker in…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    I think it is time to bring them home too.
    Americans (or most of us) are always behind Our Troops.
    It “seems” Obama doesn’t care if they are killed are not. He is doing everything he can to sabotage them mentally, emotionally and “putting such PC” demands on them….they can’t fight.
    THAT IS WHAT THEY DO. Let go of the DAMN PC and let them do their jobs OR

    BRING THEM HOME…cluster bomb Mecca during one of their religious holidays..
    problem solved.

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