Obama doesn’t care about Israel, he doesn’t care about America. He only cares about his re-election and vision of a one world government with himself in power. IMO.


US leaks hamstring action on Iran—Benny Avni – NYPOST.com.

A campaign of press leaks, led by some Obama administration insiders, is harming Israel’s and America’s ability to act militarily to end Iran’s nuclear quest.

Washington officials and sympathetic media plainly intend the campaign to erode public support for a military attack on Iran’s nuclear installations. But reports on Israeli military methods, capabilities and alliances are actively aiding the Iranian regime.

You may have seen some of the headlines: “Congress Sez Iran Could Recover From Israeli Attack Within Six Months”; “Hundreds of Americans Will Die in the Aftermath of Iran Attack”; “Israel’s Secret Staging Ground for Attacking Iran.”

Netanyahu: Unlikely to be moved by Times misreport.
Netanyahu: Unlikely to be moved by Times misreport.

Israelis now believe that this public, noisy campaign has replaced an earlier (and much quieter) attempt by top Obama officials to talk directly to Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and his inner security…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    In other words, he literally went from just…never mind, I am so disgusted right now… I can’t find the RIGHT words.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Stupid remark to make but he is like an expensive male hooker — he doesn’t care who or even what he screws as long as he is paid.
    (paraphrase) Give me the Jews and I will give you the USA:

    Saudi Govt. Heart of 9/11

    Saudi King Gives Obama Gold Necklace to Continue Occupation, Tyranny, Injustice, etc.

    Don’t understand this one…seems he is “stabbing them in the back(?)”
    Obama Blames Saudi Plot on Iran

    Obama & His Islamic Faith and Ties to Saudi Arabia

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