Krauthammer: Obama shuts down coal industry, kills jobs, raises electric rates – offers algae

One promise the Sonofabitch kept!

Obama warned us in 2008 that under his plan “electricity rates would necessarily have to skyrocket.” He also told crowds that he would ask Americans to “sacrifice” by paying higher energy costs and higher gas prices. America had a collective brain freeze in electing Obama in 2008. Will we let it happen again?

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3 Responses to Krauthammer: Obama shuts down coal industry, kills jobs, raises electric rates – offers algae

  1. Mike Tierney says:

    If the coal industry shuts down or severely cuts back mining not only does it impact the coal miners and the mining supply businesses and electricity costs but our steel industry will be totally forced out of business since they need cheap coal to make steel at a reasonable price. This shuts down the iron ore plants and mines in Northern Minnesota since steel will no longer be made in the USA. Our auto plants will be forced into buying foreign steel at whatever price. I wonder will the Democrats allow anyone to make anything in this country? Who the hell made Obama King?

  2. upaces88 says:

    Is anyone surprised?

    Not me….
    If people will just pay attention, the ONLY thing he has fulfilled any of his promises was to fundamentally change America. They thought it was for the better. At the time, they had no idea. Now that they do…many of them still follow him.
    However, he is losing the Liberal Jews; the female vote; and most definitely the Military vote. He not only betrayed many of his people, he has betrayed the United States of America and everything she stands for.

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