No sympathy for Fakestinians here!

Video: Israeli police water-cannon, tear-gas Palestinians on Land Day

A Gaza youth has reportedly been killed while over 200 people have been wounded throughout the West Bank. The violence comes as clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians protesters marking Land Day rage on.

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4 Responses to No sympathy for Fakestinians here!

  1. Upaces says:

    Sorry…already told you that….

  2. Upaces says:

    Kinda the wrong decade to be talking about. Years ago, the Iranians “were GIVEN” government grants to come here to start their own business (yet, American Citizens don’t have those). They were also given very basic jobs.
    I was the manager/promoter for the dinning area and the adjacent bar at 6 of the Holiday Inns between Dallas and Fort Worth. They worked in the kitchen and as bus boys; however, we had so many complaints, I had to take them aside and explain “bathing” to them. YES! Bathing. I made all of them go to an empty hotel room to take a shower ‘WITH SOAP.”
    Gawd, they smelled….

  3. Fabiana says:



    When you search on google for “fakestinians” Google asks you ‘Did you mean palestinians’?
    The reason is because Arab “palestinians” who are mostly immigrants’ grandchildren, are a made-up (invented) “nation,” founded by Arab racism to delegitimize Jews’ return to its historic homeland.


    Second. Its cult of fake victimhood. Starting with its self-infliced Naqba, and their constant use of civilians to cause their deaths in order to tarnish humane IDF Zionists (who go to great length in avoiding collateral damage, including notifications to residents ahead of an anti-terror op. to evacuate), they call these outcomes as “massacres.”


    Just as they fabricate pictures, they fabricate “stories.” [Search ‘Pallywood’] You can never take an Arab-Palestine/ Islamic Hezbollah as a reliable source. I’d take an Israeli source –a society which is one of the most self-criticized–over most systems around the globe.

  4. upaces88 says:

    Believe me! They need baths!
    When they began infiltrating the U.S., I worked as the manager of one of the Holiday Inns Clubs/Restaurants. They “had to be TAUGHT to take a bath daily.”

    Back to the serious note:

    No one was harmed. Pass the soap.
    They are so disgusting..Israel could have done a lot worse. A Little water hurts no one. Had the roles been in reverse — they would have shot anyone who protested in any other Country; and/or butchered them for protesting.

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