Obama cares for neither Israel or America and will deliver us to destruction. Christians and Jews, America and Israel. First Saturday, then Sunday!


Administration Iran Leakfest Means Obama’s Tough Stance is Just Talk « Commentary Magazine.

Nothing annoys foreign policy establishment types more than the need for presidents to pander to the opinions of the voters. That’s even more true this year than most as President Obama’s desire to pose as Israel’s best friend ever to sit in the White House has caused him to take stands that not only bother veteran Foggy Bottom “realists” but also his core supporters and staffers who apparently take a dim view of the desire of the overwhelming majority of the American people to support Israel and to vigorously oppose Iran’s nuclear ambitions. But though Obama’s Jewish charm offensive may still be in full swing, government insiders are apparently working overtime to send Israel and the rest of the world the signal that the president’s political commitments ought not to be taken all that seriously.

That’s the…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    Bob, I have, literally, been dreaming about his demise since he got into office.
    The first time I was in the damn hospital. Two capillaries had broken in my brain and I could NOT remember my address, where I lived or anything…however! what came out of my mouth when my daughter got there is errie because I knew NOTHING about him at that time.
    I said, “Is he dead yet?”

    Since then, I have had several dreams where he dies In the WH.
    The first one, to me is more valid, because I hadn’t yet seen the destruction.
    The last dream was just a few days ago…he was in bed when he died.
    Now it could be “wish dreams.
    Either way…I do hope they come true.

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