Sharpton started his climb to notoriety in the circus sideshow Tawana Brawley!

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From Stacy McCain, Seems like the Reverend Al Sharpton is up to his old tricks again. He’s calling for an escalation in civil disobedience and “economic sanctions” against who exactly? As Stacy alluded to in his article, the Town of Sanford has a 45 % White population with the remainder being Black and Hispanic, 30 and 20% respectively.

I just don’t know what to make of Al Sharpton. Instead of being helpful to the folks he’s advocating for, he seems to delight in shooting them in the foot. Here’s an excerpt from McCain;

Why not wait and see what happens with the investigation? Why this idiotic talk of “economic sanctions” and lynch-mob mentality toward Zimmerman? Why is MSNBC letting one its on-air personalities engage in such demagogic nonsense?

If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, the Rev. Al Sharpton will call…

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  1. thatmrgguy says:

    Thanks for the reblog

  2. Annie says:

    Does ANYONE know what to make of Al Sharpton? What did MSNBC ever see in him? The man knows NO decency, and if feels that African Americans (PC, for some reason) are oppressed, he’s not helping matters, by inciting violence. It is he and Spike Lee, Samuel Jackson and Roseanne Barr who give AA a bad name.

  3. wctaqiyya says:

    Anyway, I hope the Hispanics don’t notice how the colored behave on their behalf. Welcome to the old world. Whatever. Let’s say Israel makes a deal with Azerbaijan. And U.S. under Obama sells out Israel. Israel makes a deal with Russia for Med Ports, (Syria being done) military (missile) tech, huge gas fields and just want to stick it to the U.S. Israel gets Azerbaijan airfield protection, gas field development and military/political cover. Iran, Syria and the U.S. lose. OK, I say. Go Israel!

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