I wish the son of a bitch Obama would just go away.

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  1. jericho777 says:

    They keep this up, and our military will be godless. Have you noticed how many on a daily basis are coming out against, not just against YHWH & Yeshua, but are cursing them with a fever…I love our military, I have lived and worked around them for close to 35 years, my Poppa is a retired Marine, and never have I seen such a total lack of respect for our Christian faith as I have these past 2 years from our military, and it’s not the few and the proud we will have to worry about, it’s the many and the deplorable… I let it be known that I deplore homosexuals, I will not tolerate it nor them, they are just as bad as Muslims if not more so…If you know a little about the Roman military, you’ll know exactly where ours is heading, and by the way, this is to turn them against us, everyone has been wondering if our military will defend the American citizen, not in our wildest dreams will/would they. They are being turned against us and especially Christians, how many Lesbians and Queers love Christianity (?), how many of them are atheist (?), & how many of them would actually break away from the military knowing they would be charged and imprisoned indefinitely and maybe even shot (?). All we have to do is look at recent history and we see it all the time. Germany, Bosnia, Serbia, the Balkans, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Uganda, Kenya, and the list grows daily of men who don’t want to kill their fellow country men, but who do out of fear,. Men/Woman who would never in their lives would think to kill the very people, they have sworn to defend, but at the same time, who will not dare defy an order to kill & imprison innocent American civilians, their fellow Americans. I hate saying these things, but the truth is the truth, not many will come to our aid, and this will be the end result of their desensitizing our Troopers?

    • boudicabpi says:

      Our nation was born with God and will die Godless and deservedly so. We must fight against this.

      • jericho777 says:

        Just in the past three days, I have come across and challenged five veterans because of their comments about Christianity and those who practice it…I had to ask them, isn’t this what you were fighting for, so that I have the right to my faith openly and without interference from others? I’ve yet to hear back from them and that’s a shame. You think that those who fought on the battle field would surely back up their insults without fear? But. it’s getting worse and your so right, we will go down as a godless Nation…. :9(

  2. upaces88 says:

    That is THE MOST RIDICULOUS thing I have ever seen!!!
    He will do anything to defile Christianity and OUR Military.
    He ain’t going anywhere…he will have to be carried out of the WH.

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