With Obama in office Israel should not count on the United States.


Israel Hayom | War of perceptions.

The conflict between Israel and Iran is approaching the point of no return. Iran’s nuclear development efforts are pressing forward, bringing with them a sense among Israel’s leaders that, just as the Allies knew exactly where the Nazi concentration camps were in 1944 but refrained from bombing them, the state of Israel and the Jews will be abandoned once again.

In two weeks’ time we will mark Holocaust Memorial Day, during which we will remember the third of the world’s Jewish population that was murdered at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators. In fact, if you consider the potential offspring of those murdered Jews, the demographic catastrophe of the Holocaust would actually account for half of the world’s Jewish population today. And the highest concentration of Jews, today, is in Israel.

Israel is facing the nuclear efforts of a regime bent…

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  1. wctaqiyya says:

    Did a little Internet snooping recently. It seems Israel has a cozy, rather long term relationship with Azerbaijan going on. Tech support, weapons, training, presidential security, manufacturing and agriculture assistance in exchange for money, fuel and airfields. Yep, the Israelis protect their president. That means at least the ability to refuel Israeli bombers, maybe more. I wonder, are the 20,000 plus Russian troops recently billeted just north of Azerbaijan there to protect the airfields, or even take Tehran? Iran is losing Syria, and all relevant international support including Turkey. Russia wants to export oil, protect it’s vulnerable southern borders, be nice to Turkey and have access to a Med port or two. Is change in the air? Could Israel use Russian technical help to extract all that recently discovered gas in the Mediterranean? Would access to Israeli ports make Russia happy? You bet. With U.S. support evaporating under Obama, can you blame Israel if they made the deal? Should we be surprised if the Russians jump into that vacuum? And Israel would hold the strings in such an arrangement. Lets not cry for Israel just yet. I can see a future where we need them more than they need us.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Interesting observations. Without Israel as an ally the US thanks to Obama will have no place in the ME.

      • wctaqiyya says:

        Yes, a lesser place to be sure. And a sharp rebuke to Obama and a cause sufficient to unite conservatives around the republican candidate, repulsive as Romney may be (is). Might even get a republican Congress in which case Romney can be controlled.

  2. JC says:

    Yes, she does have a few options…but realistically they are not the best options. BHO/Lucifer has seen to that. The window for them has narrowed thanks to BHO/Lucifer.

  3. JC says:

    Israel is on her own. BHO/Lucifer has no interest in seeing her defended much less defending herself. He has no interest in supporting Israel in any fashion. His second term will result in the total abandonment our Constitution, support for Isael, and defense of any and all allies. His words to Mediev (sp) is just the tip of the iceberg of what he has in store for America.

    Our way of life is coming to a halt, and we are in denial of it.

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