Obama green energy plan goes bust – AGAIN

WTF do they care, it’s not their money. Government throwing green (money) at green energy invariably turns red!

Is anyone keeping track of the billions being wasted on Obama’s green dreams? He continues to double down on spending your money on green schemes that have proven NOT to work. Wind and solar energy have been around since the 1800’s. They are not new. They still do not work no matter how much Utopian HOPE there is for a CHANGE in reality.

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5 Responses to Obama green energy plan goes bust – AGAIN

  1. Care to provide ANY evidence they actually received ANY money from the loan guarantee, or defaulted on it?? – which, by the way- was for the project in CA, not for them directly. A project which will still move forward.

    And really- what is the point here? The company filed for bankruptcy because their German parent company went under- in no small part due to that countries own economic meltdown.

    Interestingly- their largest competitor is already lining up to but their assets- which should gove some idea of the health of this industry (construction of large solar projects)

    • boudicabpi says:

      If the industry is healthy they, or the projects don’t need funding from Obama with taxpayer money!

      • Shall we the same of the oil industry? The Coal industry? The nuclear industry? the fracking industry? The auto industry? The baning industry? the mpharmaceutical industry? the thousands of other industries that all get special tax breaks, loan guarantees, etc etc?

        So- back to my original question- care to provide some evidence for your claims?

        • JC says:

          Proof is in the pudding so to speak. Those industries have proven track records of success. Decades and decades of successfully powering our energy needs. What hath solar energy wrought thus far? There is no way that solar/alternative energy is up to the task of supplying energy on the levels needed to maintain, let alone expand, with our ever growing need of energy. The companies and technologies are not up to par and continued government funding (no matter the form be it tax breaks or otherwise) should be halted until the technology is viable.

  2. JC says:

    He will not give up on green energy. I will tell you why. If the Supreme Court rules in his favor on obamacare…he will have all he needs to FORCE us to buy into a technology that cannot support our energy needs. Which will lead into the death of millions (mostly the elderly and the very young.) It will lead to outright population control with the government deciding who lives and who dies. There will be no more need for covert killings the way that has been done traditionally through agencies like Planned Parenthood and medicare. We will be FORCED to buy whatever the government deems necessary. They will hold the keys to all life and we will be at the mercy of a government for the elite, by the elite. The rest of us will have no say…

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