Senator Kyle: Obama court comments “weird and incoherent”

Did Obama miss the first day of class in law school? Is that why he won’t release his transcripts? Four more years of this fool?

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4 Responses to Senator Kyle: Obama court comments “weird and incoherent”

  1. I believe that Kagan has tipped off Obama and he is now creating the platform in which he will run against a “Do-Nothing Congress” and “Activist Court”.

    You could tell a high level of resentment for the court existed in his comments, which would not have been present if the Court had gone in his favor in the initial vote.

  2. JC says:

    Of course BHO/Lucifer’s comments are weird and incoherent…he KNOWS NOTHING of the Consititution…he sees it as a negative. For him it is a living breathing document that can change, be fluid and mean whatever he DEMANDS it mean. A few justices are not going to stand in his way. He will do the Supreme Court Justices what he has done to the other branches of government. He will demonize and marginalize it…and simply find away to circumvent it’s authority. He has soundly made congress a mere ceremonial entity…the senate will be next if it is not removed from the clutches of Harry Reid in November and if BHO/Lucifer remains in office. We must take back both houses of congress…there must a majority so great that neither he or the progressive democrats have the ability to push us further over the cliff. Once that is done it is our duty to guide our representatives out of the darkness and back into the light. The republicans are not guiltless in the destruction of our Constitution, and WE THE PEOPLE need to remind them of it daily.

  3. JC says:

    The American public was and is against obamacare. It was 30 to 1 (that is the statistic I was told by my Congressman’s office just before the vote). Yet he voted for it and against those he supposedly represented.) For all of us that have grown weary from the fight….it is time to revisit that passion that helped to take back the house in 2010. Our rally cries should begin anew. We need to focus our anger onto the common goal of stopping BHO/Lucifer. WE all have a role to play. WE all have a stake in seeing him voted out. Those who will vote for him because of some sort of misguided “in him I see me” mentality are not going to change their vote for they are unreasonable, and ill-equipped to understand the reality of what he is and what he is doing….therefore we must identify and persuade those of reasonable mind that this man is a danger to us all. IT is our duty to lead as many as possible to see him for what he is.

  4. wctaqiyya says:

    I don’t know why Sen. Kyle thinks he is qualified to comment since he is one of the 100 Senators who did NOTHING when the administration (Panetta) told Congress it would not consult with them or ask for consent on war making decisions. The Congress also abandoned their half-hearted investigation into A.G. Holder’s program to arm Mexican drug gangs. And, Congress was silent when the administration said the president can kill any American anywhere if it deems them to be a terrorist or terrorist supporter. No revue, no oversight, no records. So, since the president has successfully intimidated Congress, why shouldn’t he think he owns SCOTUS? I, for one, think at least one (Kennedy) of the mis-labeled ‘Justices’ can be easily cowed. And that’s all it takes.
    Let’s see, SCOTUS just green lighted strip and cavity searches for jaywalking type offenses. If that isn’t big government loving big government, what is?

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