Really could be more than a problem.

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Most Americans take for granted the intricate systems that make it possible for us to engage in seemingly mundane day to day tasks like filling up our gas tanks, loading up our shopping carts at the local grocery store, obtaining necessary medications, and even pouring ourselves a clean glass of water. When we wake up each morning we just expect that all of these things will work today the same way they worked yesterday.*Very few have considered the complexity involved in the underlying infrastructure that keeps goods, services and commerce in America flowing. Fewer still have ever spent the time to contemplate the fragility of these systems or the consequences on food, water, health care, the financial system, and the economy if they are*interrupted.

A report prepared for legislators and business leaders by the American Trucking Associations highlights just how critical our just-in-time inventory and delivery systems are, and assesses…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    We DO need a super highway from Canada throughout the U.S. *that would help with oil); however, many want to build it from Canada through the U.S. into Mexico — NOT good.
    As far as the article above…..It is a huge problem; and he knows it if something happens. I can’t remember the exact figure…sorry…he allocated a large amount of $$ for roads, etc., HOWEVER, where are they? What happened to the $$?

    Bob, we SHOULD be able to take it for granted. We are supposedly a very sophisticated society in science, economics, etc….. AND JOBS.
    What the hell is he going to do next!?

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