BS of A: Security Theater

H/t Bare Naked Islam

Thank a Muslim the next time you run across one.

You look suspicious

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3 Responses to BS of A: Security Theater

  1. Jeff Evenson says:

    I forgot about Dr. Ibn Cenna that gave us the precursory education of Modern Medicine and Surgery .

  2. Jeff Evenson says:

    That level of Court house Security has been around since that young US Army reservist Blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma city-Tim or Tom whats-his-name. But I assume you would blame-or thank- them for that- Because you again never put your money were your mouth is and leave most sentences out of context and un-finished. What is it we should “thank a Muslim” for? Outside of Advanced Mathematics- Chemistry- a social system successfully not allowing the #1 worst drug/chemical in the world for 1433 years Ethyl Hydroxide. So , besides those things-plus, them being the best Homeland security system we have to inform us of what type of behavior is threatening. So what is it YOU are speaking about that we should thank them?

    • boudicabpi says:

      Oklahoma City bombing was Tim and I condemn that. However this TSA over reaching came about because of 9/11. Unless facts come out to repudiate it, 9/11 was carried out by Muslims. We are giving up liberty and freedom for a false sense of security.

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