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Tell me what’s wrong with this? Outrageous shouldn’t be happening. Obama needs to be gone. NOBAMA 2012 Advertisements

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Every time you think they can’t get more pathetic they do.

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With friends like Obama Israel doesn’t need enemies!

H/T Bare Naked Islam, read the post. Obama administration trying to sabotage Israeli plans on attacking Iran? John Bolton on Greta-Fox News Channel, 03.30.2012 Follow us, donate and help us stay on-line.

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Iran’s Stalling Tactics Humiliate Obama « Commentary Magazine. The Obama administration has spent the last few months furiously arguing that diplomacy backed up by tough sanctions is the only possible path to stop Iran’s drive for nuclear capability. But in…

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Obama felt terrible about signing the bill that included the provision he’s talking about at his insistence re: the fifth amendment! WTF?

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Obama seeks even closer ties with our enemies. Obama is just as dangerous as the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam and western civilization never were, aren’t and never will be co-existent.

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