“Iran’s Stalling Tactics Humiliate Obama’
Obama is a humiliation to the United States, an abject failure at home and abroad!


Iran’s Stalling Tactics Humiliate Obama « Commentary Magazine.

The Obama administration has spent the last few months furiously arguing that diplomacy backed up by tough sanctions is the only possible path to stop Iran’s drive for nuclear capability. But in agreeing to a new round of negotiations with the Iranians, Washington has set itself up to be made to look ridiculous. The ayatollahs have shown themselves to be masters of diplomatic gamesmanship as they have repeatedly made fools out of the European negotiators who have sought in recent years to craft some sort of compromise on the nuclear issue.

But anyone in either the White House or the State Department who thought this latest round of diplomacy would go differently got a shock today when the Iranians made it clear that as far as they were concerned the agreement to talk was merely a signal for the games to…

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  1. wctaqiyya says:

    Humiliate? No, Obama feels no shame, he is too certain of his saintliness.

  2. JC says:

    Or perhaps they will repeat the standard progressive idiot statement of you’re a “bigoted racist”. That is eaiser than looking into what is happening to the USA. After all we are what ails the world. They want change yet cannot define the change. Jumping from the frying pan into the fire is a change…not a good one though.

  3. JC says:

    BHO/Luicfer (for those who do not understand when I post “BHO/Lucifer” I am referring to Barack HUSSIEN Obama) Anyway…I guess this would depend on your perspective. For those who see him for what they want rather than what he is…he is oh so wonderful and everything he has done is just peachy. He has accomplished everything he said he would. What they failed to stop and think about is the consequences of what he has done/what he continues to do. Do we really need a president who thinks the government should be more involved in our lives? Do we really need a president leading from behind? Do we really need a president bowing and behaving in a sub-serviant manner to dictators and tyrannts around the world? Do we really need a president cozing up to the muslim brotherhood? Do we really need a president insulting and turning his back on our allies? Do we really need a president who thinks that government should be able to control us and deny us medical care? I could go on and on but the intelligent among us get the drift. The truly stupid among us will hide their heads in the sand and simply repeat the mantra, “just show me how to vote straight democrat ticket”.

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