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  1. JC says:

    You do not need to arrest the man to find out what happened. The police were called and an investigation ensued. Zimmerman was detained and questioned. Had there been reason to arrest him at that moment it would have happened. It is unfortunate that Martin lost his life, and it is unfortunate that Zimmerman did what he did. But if Zimmerman is arrested, and put on trial, he will never get a fair trial simply because it has been so publicized and turned into a political three ring circus by the likes of uncle Al, cousin Jesse, and the Black Panther Party (excuse me the NEW Black Panther Party) There is so much to this that any further speculation from the media and others simply puts justice for the families involved on hold.

    I would caution those who are screaming for Zimmerman’s lynching, and yes, there are some that have done that. Should the cries of vigilante justice succeed in inciting someone to do just that…I would ask what then is the difference between them and what they percieved Zimmerman having supposedly done? There would be no difference. Then what? Do you continue down the path of tit for tat with no end in sight? Only the stupid among us would advocate such.

    • boudicabpi says:

      George Zimmerman is being tried by the media and public opinion being formed by the media and race baiter’s such as Obama, Sharpton and Jackson to name a few.

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