Newt discusses big ideas during speech at Wesley College

At Wesley College, Newt Outlines Plan to Save Social Security

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40 Responses to Newt discusses big ideas during speech at Wesley College

  1. Great paintings! This is the kind of information that should be shared around the internet. Disgrace on the seek engines for now not positioning this post upper! Come on over and seek advice from my website . Thanks =)

  2. Lee Hurst says:

    Sincerely enjoyed this blog post.truly looking forward to reading more info. will read on…

  3. upaces88 says:

    Bob this was the site, and this is what I just said:
    Bill, I have changed my mind. I did nothing illegal. I didn’t insult anyone. We still have 2nd Amendment rights and free speech; and two times now, you have stomped on my rights.
    I am unsubscribing to your site.

  4. upaces88 says:

    I just looked up and read my previous post….my goodness…I was on a rampage!
    Okay. I can shut up now. lol

  5. Ralph says:

    Yes the dumbo gave the Islands to Russia and Brazil is drilling but turned Obama down flat to purchase any oil. He still has the moretorium on drilling. He is letting foreign countries drill but will not let our people in the USA drill, Canada is selling to china. We are still getting oil from Iran,Saudia Arabia and probably Libya to.

    • upaces88 says:

      Wuh uh, Ralph, the Saudi(s) are running out of oil, and he jist wants to hep his little friends make as much money as possible before they run dry….yes, sarcasm.

    • Redneck Woman says:

      Canada is still selling oil to America…actually you purchase more oil off of Canada than you do Saudi Arabia, already. Canada was just going to be selling more of their production to your refineries with the Keystone pipeline.

      Once Obama is out of office, I’m sure the pipeline will be built and more of Alberta oil will be flowing to America.

      We have more than enough to sell to China and you!

      • upaces88 says:

        How dare we use common sense and relatively close availability … just amazes me!

        • jericho777 says:

          Ewwww! That Common Sense word Common Sense, ver foul, ver foul indeed! Was told Romulus was the lesser of two evils, comparing him to Obama, why are we even voting and supporting any kind of evil, if indeed that was meant to empress me, it didn’t, it made me go ugly on them! How idiotic to even use that term, it just went to prove that we are seeing the reversal of an Obama election, but with a so called Conservative this time…We’re in deep Dino Poop Soup! Stay the course Newt, stay the course!

  6. jericho777 says:

    Newt has to stick in there, he has too. There is no way I can force myself to vote for a damn liberal Mormon. Not going to happen! And to hell with those who forced this idiot on us. SOB is a Liberal and not even a moderate one at that…Damn it all to hell, if I ain’t Rebel mad over this BS! Our party is dead dead dead, & a third party is in the calling?

    • upaces88 says:

      Oooo, I know Jericho…I know.

      • jericho777 says:

        Romney has already stated in 2008 that he was going to see our Confederate Flag taken down? Here’s a bastard whose church is a blasphemy, attacking our Flag, a flag that is a part of our heritage and our traditions. It wasn’t even the original battle flag, it resembled the stars and stripes and at the second battle of Bulls Run was mistaken to frequently with the Stars and stripes and in 1863 it was replaced by the now famous Cross Bars. These idiots know nothing of the South and come here making threats and Romney of all people says he doesn’t recognize our flag. LMBO, I don’t recognize his cult either???? There are 29 voting Adults in my family and all are saying we cannot vote for him regardless. I’ve been voting for 35 years now and it will be the first time that I have even considered not voting and it’s eating me up, and I’m damn well piss puddled by it. He’s a Liberal, and these so called Christian Conservatives are dumb asses, braying dumb asses the lot of them. There as much Christian as Obama is and as
        Conservative as the wingless fairy Lindsey Graham is…We are on the Bible Belt here, and there is no way we are going to vote for the Mormon god Romulus!

        • upaces88 says:

          That’s interesting because in that same year, I believe, he also stated that Hezabola (sp?) health insurance should be considered here in the States.
          What the hell is wrong with the Confederate Flag?!!!

          He would continue the NWO.

          • jericho777 says:

            Your right, he also, just last year said Hezbollah had a model healthcare? The so called Conservatives who are supporting him, are doing the very same thing that got Obama elected, sheer stupidity and ignorance…The song Dixie has been banned from all public arena’s owned by or funded by the State because it incites anger from the blacks, as does the Flag. The KKK, Skin Heads open their meets with the Stars & Stripes and the Christian Cross, are we going to ban that too? Less than 0.8 % of the white population used the stars & Bars for their hate fest and Parades, but so was the Stars & Stripes. You know, we cannot put any decals of the Confederate flag out in the open of any work place? True is, True was! But remember this too. Joseph Smith said he was going to be the Second Muhammad, it could be where the praises are coming from?

            • upaces88 says:

              I have that article about Joseph Smith stating that!
              I knew I remembered this from somewhere so I typed into the Google Search:
              Reviewed by: Joshua Steimle on September 17th, 2008 Categories: Mormon Beliefs Comments: 441
              This question was put to me by a friend of mine (no, not the one with all the anti-Mormon questions). The answer is a “not really…well, sort of, I guess…well, I guess I can see why people would say that” type of answer.

              The quick answer is “No, we believe we get an entire universe” but even that would be misleading because the real answer is “We don’t know.” Allow me to explain, and prepare for your eyebrows to raise a little. Here it is in a nutshell.

              Mormons believe that human beings are children of God, and as such, have within them the potential to become like God. Got it? Let me say it more clearly. We believe that we can become Gods. Trust me, if you think about it and read the Bible from this perspective a lot of things will start to make sense. Just read Romans 8 where Paul says that we’re children of God and that we’re joint-heirs of God with Jesus Christ. In other words Christ is our brother and together with him we’re all heirs to what God has. What does God have? The kind of life a God lives. Here’s shocker #2–we believe God used to be a man, just like us.

            • upaces88 says:

              Jer…, people misunderstand what the Confederate Flag represents. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Slavery. It is about State’s rights and NOT wanting to join the Union…much like now….We don’t want the Change the UNION was forcing on us. (just like now! U.S. Federal Government is shoving down our throats)
              That is what it represents.

              • jericho777 says:

                Hell yea! Lincoln was the biggest racist of em all, and they bow to him like a gawd! I had this black kid that I was trying to show him some facts and myths about the South, he was just to brainwashed and instead of checking on the information I was lamenting
                upon him, he still insisted I WAS A RACIST? So, as any good racist would do, I gave him some good old Racist 101 of what a true racist would call a black man, no holds barred and I have effectively used it many times before, and I mean every filthy slang word I knew, he was read of them. He didn’t reply until 10 minutes later saying that he was never spoken to like that ever, and he went on to ask why I called him all those hateful names. I told him simply and first of all, that he has never faced a racist then, it it were the first time he has been called any of these names, secondly I told him, so you would know what a real racist was like! I don’t play silly children’s games, and this whole race baiting business is one of the most harmful threats this Nation has ever run up against. We were making some progress, allot if you asked me, and they are throwing it away and for what, to line the pockets of some really greedy black men and woman, not to mention whites as well who feed of it!

                • upaces88 says:

                  They WANT someone to blame and we are it.
                  Google: Islam and African Slaves.
                  Yes, the Muslims were the FIRST to take them as slaves. They neutered the men; and the women were sex slaves.
                  Blacks do NOT want to accept another fact. There was a Jewish company that bought 5 ships to take them back to Africa after the War Between the States. Wanna know how many ships went back to Africa?
                  ONE ship was HALF full. The rest “chose” to remain.

                  And, the FIRST SLAVE OWNERS were African Americans.
                  IF they have ever Google’d Slaver for Africans at all…they have read all of this.

    • Redneck Woman says:

      I’ve just been fighting on a TPN blog about Newt….I can’t believe how many Americans are just willing to throw up their hands and roll over! They are saying it’s all over already and Romney is the nominee!
      I keep telling them it’s not over yet….if Newt can get to a brokered convention….then it’s a whole new game! I’m telling them to give Newt all the support they can in which ever way they can!
      I don’t think anyone has been thinking that if Newt drops out just before the convention and Romney doesn’t have the delegates he needs then it will be Ron Paul and Romney fighting for the 1144 candidates….scary thought huh?
      Just gotta keep fighting for Newt!

      • jericho777 says:

        I’m not giving up or in, I am praying Rohm gets an early bird call to rule over his own universe and planets, as he tends to believe…LOL I’m pissed and frustrated that we’re getting this man shoved down our throats…I’m a little concerned about this election being brokered too. Not sure how to take it just yet!

        • Redneck Woman says:

          Good!! I’ll help in praying that happens also!! I can’t stand Romney!
          I know a lot of people are feeling the same way as you do. Heck…even when I hear that Romney is going to be the nominee…I get angry! Yell at the T.V….as if they can really hear me!! LOL!
          My thoughts on the brokered convention….it would mean that Romney doesn’t have all his delegates! On the first ballot…each candidate will get the same number of delegates they went in with. On the second ballot….it becomes anyone’s ball game….I don’t think anyone will get the required delegates…but Newt just might pick up some more from Romney. The third ballot…..I just have a feeling Newt will get the delegates he needs to be the nominee……At least there is a good chance of it happening. It’s better than having Romney declared since there has been some shenanigans on votes gone missing and other nonsense. Didn’t Reagan go through this? Wasn’t he dead last and he pulled out to be the nominee? Same can happen with Newt!
          It’s not over until the fat lady sings and she’s not even warming up her voice yet!! Hang in there!!
          Tell me what concerns you about a brokered convention??

          • jericho777 says:

            I’ve been so busy flooding my sites with the results of a Romulus president that I haven’t looked into this whole business of a brokered race. But your right from your perspective, that it would give us possibly some more breathing room, I am just worried that this will become the norm and that scares me. If they are given an inch, they will consume a thousand miles and not look back, these politicians will find a way to make it a part of the election process, pushing us, the voter aside, and they would love that?

            • upaces88 says:

              @ Redneck woman–they seem to be stuck on stupid. What I found interesting was they did NOT give me ANY EXAMPLES of what he could do!

              and @ Jericho — great post!!!!!
              Obama passed 940 executive orders i 40 months…do they reallly think Romney won’t take advantage of these?
              Do they really think he will spend “4” years “un-doing” the damage Obama has created…OR

              Build on it!

          • upaces88 says:

            When I told that same site that we needed to get behind Newt…. they sounded like a bunch of wimpy cowards –“oh, he isn’t that bad. (meaning Romney)”.
            Then I gave them “THE LIST” I have on Romney as well as uploading the You Tube of Newt concerning the economy, the Muslims, and Shariah Law.

            What happened to their guts!?

            • Redneck Woman says:

              I don’t understand it either…I always thought that America was the home of the Brave…but for the past 10 years or so ???….it seems as if Americans are more willing to listen to their media outlets and those in higher power do the thinking for them.

              Perhaps the indoctrination of our children in the education system is starting to show the fruit of their labors.

      • upaces88 says:

        Redneck Woman! I got so frustrated with them. Just today on the social patriot network, I had made a statement on how bullets are made; and the moderator told me “he had to take it down.” He was also the one giving me a hard time the other day (as I mentioned to Bob — it was only today that I was reminded which site it was!

      • upaces88 says:

        @ Red Neck Woman: I know!!!! I saw that too. I was shocked… they are just throwing their hands up and whimpering like beaten dogs like they don’t have a choice; and they do! Get behind NEWT — make a racket! Where did their spines go?

        • Redneck Woman says:

          I’m so tired of fighting with everyone…..they just aren’t thinking properly. Maybe I’m just a fighter for what’s right, where they just would rather have someone else do everything ( including thinking) for them.

          Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil!!!! Here’s an idea….why don’t you vote for the other side for a change and see how that fits??? Just maybe you’d enjoy life for a change of pace! ( sarcasm of course!)

          It’s like hitting yourself with a hammer; it feels so darn good when you stop! I guess their spines withered and died…..though there are a few left with their spines intact I found out today…more people on TPN are agreeing with me on the fighting for Newt till the end! They are sounding like they are getting fiesty again!!

          • boudicabpi says:

            I’m not a Romney supporter but in the end we have to get rid of Obama. That gives us 4 years to concentrate on cleaning out the Republican Party instead of concentrating on Obama. And we must not forget the House and Senate races.
            Bob A.

            • Redneck Woman says:

              I agree…get Obama out but….Romney shouldn’t have been rammed down everyone’s throats like he has been. The Convention is not until August and Romney doesn’t have it all tied up in a neat package yet. If he is declared the Nominee then, so be it. The House and Senate must be flooded with Conservatives or Tea Party to do something different than what has been going on! Then fight for cleaning out the Republican party of RINO’s.
              This is just my opinion….

      • upaces88 says:

        I don’t know what’s wrong with them, Redneck Woman…I posted the “list” for Romney”…and they are still ….???? It is as though they have given up fighting. We cannot give up! Giving up is the same as giving in to Obama. Soros and the WH both endorse him!
        Didn’t that tell them anything at all!
        Newt IS the only one who will ban Sharia Law as well as kick the Muslims out of all phases of our Government.

      • upaces88 says:

        As soon as I find it again…right before I had to take my daughter to do errands, I was on a site that was totally Rah! Rah! Romney. They are talking like he is the 2nd coming!

        No one gets it yet; OR doesn’t want to… HE WAS DECIDED FOR US….
        When I find that site again, I’ll be sending you a “help” email to back me up.

        Redneck woman, I thought we were the “home of the brave too.”
        They ARE NOT fighting back! By “they” I mean Americans….
        How the hell do they think it will be better with Romney!!!
        HE is one slick mutha …..

        Newt is the one who CAN make us great again!

      • upaces88 says:

        This is Newt’s New Production…Anyone can go here and tell him what you think:

  7. upaces88 says:

    Stop giving Illegals and the 80,000 Muslims Obama has invited to the country to be on food stamps, disability, etc., and that in and by itself would save a great deal of $$.
    IF Newt became President, I don’t think anyone would mind if for a “set amount of time” , every single citizen would give an “x” amount of $ to FINALLY fix the economy for good! That WITH THE UNDERSTANDING that no other debts will be incurred at that time!

    Politicians should have a base salary with NO increases. There should also be implemented that they would NOT be allowed to leave office as millionaires due to the connections they made while in office! STRONGER LAWS with Prison time should be given to those who are caught taking $$ under the table, etc.

    A politician’s retirement fund should be minimal — if at all! They have met enough connections while in office to be able to work in the private sector making a huge salary according to the experience.

    People are going to be pissed about this speech that are leaches on our society. And, those are the ONLY ones who will argue…the rest of us totally agree with Newt!

    Newt just understand what is going on here, he understands how we connect with the rest of the world and how we have an “effect on them” as well as their needs for us and the difference between helping them or making them dependent on us instead of teaching them how to be independent.

    Yes! The Oil…we’ve all known this and yet he is the only one admitting that WE HAVE OIL! (I say this now because Obama is drilling for oil Brazil (Soros’ influence of drilling in Brazil.).

    I have been told I am wrong…don’t care if I am wrong or not…Obama either GAVE (what I understood); or sold Oil Rich Islands off the Coast of Alaska to Russia.


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