Newt’s Full Speech to the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting

Published on Apr 14, 2012 by

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10 Responses to Newt’s Full Speech to the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting

  1. found this through gds44’s reblog. Good comments. What in H happens to all the delegate votes that Santorum got; are they dead? Those people ought to get behind Newt, with Santorums departure, not (I like Jericho’s term) Romulus.

  2. upaces88 says:

    It was Tea or Tea Party Command Center.

  3. upaces88 says:

    I’m looking for it….didn’t forget you! Never will.

  4. upaces88 says:

    It WILL be a disastrous turn in the history of our country if he ISN’T OUR President!
    He stands strong behind Israel.
    Thank G-d, he has common sense to drill here. Good Grief, that is just common sense! Palin has been saying the same thing about oil in Alaska. Didn’t Obama give give (or sell) the oil rich islands off of Alaska to Russia?

    Unfortunately, I know people who “stayed on unemployment” because they wanted a damn LONG vacation instead of going to work! When people are “allowed” to do that… they become accustomed to “living off of the government.” I know because my daughter tried that. I finally put my foot down after she was “eating food I provide; not helping with utility bills, etc., and threw her out. She had a job within a week!

    We don’t just want Newt! WE NEED NEWT!!!!

    • jericho777 says:

      I am so burnt out from posting where Romulus intends to lead our Country? Just like Obama’s Islam, so will Rohm will put the Church of Latter Day Saint’s ahead of every single agenda and issue that comes before him, that will benefit his faith. The Mormon’s
      church, will come before all else, it will also in the eyes of many legitimize the Mormon faith, not to forget that that he is anti-gun, anti conservative, what the hell else can one want to see as proof than whats come out of his own mouth? Why is it they believe only Mitt can stand against Obama, is his turd nipples made of gold? If they would get behind Newt, nothing but nothing will stand up against him and Obama for one, will fold into a fetal position…But, you & I know that, we see it, we feel it. I am so very upset that this man has been shoved down our throats, and I have sane uncles & Aunts who are supporting him, I cannot, I just can’t do it. It would be like bringing Apollyon to church and passing him off as Yeshua, the evil is there, the Liberalism is there, and the lies are piled up to the heavens before him. What else can I possible do that I haven’t? I’m lost to all this stupidity as to what else I can possibly do…

      • upaces88 says:

        Jeri…I was chastised yesterday because I got to frustrated with a person on, actually, one of the good sites because he was doing the “rah! rah!” Romney script. AFTER I uploaded “the list” I have been adding to every time Romney says or said — or does as ridiculous for all of us….I asked him: “Are you brain dead!” And, copied and pasted the list again!
        The administrator popped on and told me to clean it up and don’t come back.
        I get frustrated when people who don’t want to do their own research — allowing someone else to do it — then coming back to write “just to see their name in print or something ” Pissin’ and moaning is NOT the way to get things done. You actually have to use their old brain power to take in ALL information IF you want your vote to count for something!

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