Ann Barnhardt Visits The Batcave 9/1/2011

American Patriot, Ann Barnhardt enters “The Batcave” to speak her mind about Islam, Sharia Law, Communism, our military, our treasonous politicians, the usurper, and how to prepare for what’s about to happen to America!

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4 Responses to Ann Barnhardt Visits The Batcave 9/1/2011

  1. tthan43 says:

    Tell you what, mfers better be reeeaaaal careful around me cuz I spent 15 straight yrs. in prison for doing my dead level best to take care of child abuser/molester when the “officials” would do nothing at all. That is the red line in the sand for me and millions of others. And there are a LOT of others in the same boat. We are the very ones who do not blow smoke up anyone’s butt. We say what we mean and we damn sure mean what we say. We are the army of convicted felons who totally believe in this nation and its laws and its principles even tho we have, at one time or another, done stuff that was wrong. It most assuredly does NOT mean we do not believe in this country, its freedoms and rights. We are the ones they sure as hell better not mess with. Push US and we push back…..lethally.

  2. upaces88 says:

    My bad…different article. Now for THIS article.

    I agree with her about Laken and most of us do. I have great admiration for Laken and McCrystal and they are only the “most” noted. The Generals are now pleading with Obama to bring our people home. They are getting slaughtered. (and for those of you who don’t know, Laken is now working as a Doctor again.

    “We’re NOT allowed to win any wars”????
    OMG, She’s right, we haven’t actually won a war since WWII….

    HE KNOWS how to pick and choose those who will abuse power (TSA).
    I have found the “abusers” in areas where they are the “authority” figures.
    They seek out those positions which include:
    Day care centers for children and adults;
    I had to fire 2 people who Adult Day Care – who were abusers;
    Shelters for Battered women (I had a “woman” sock me in the head — she was the abuser and put herself in a shelter NOT to be abused); however, you will also find counselors or aids that work in those places too to gain access to the population they can abuse;

    This is one helluva woman!

    P.S. Oh, this is the site I had my comments deleted; and I just heard from another person; and it happened to her too:

  3. upaces88 says:

    Well, this makes me feel weird. Where are my comments?

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