LOL, thanks Sarah. Thanks to both of you Sarah’s.

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  1. upaces88 says:

    Obviously, I get very emotional about that! Has anyone on here had to work for someone that made you nuts? OR, stimulated thoughts about what you would do or could do IF you could get away with it because you were being driven over the edge? However, since we are civilized, we usually just suck it up and keep going; however, I can tell you with certainty, that if “anyone” under that much stress with “no relief” will find themselves doing or committing acts they would NEVER have considered prior to that or even had they been in the same type capacity working for another President.
    Apologize for taking up so much space…but I am very concerned about these poor men that have to “guard this” traitor.

  2. upaces88 says:

    I dunnooo. I have a completely different take on “how” this could happen. Those who apply for Secret Service MUST have “squeaky clean background checks. That we can take for granted. They are educated and strong in character for the most part. I think we will all agree so far.
    HOWEVER! Imagine yourself building your resume for a very long time to be squeaky clean and you have the opportunity to be “THE MAN” who is responsible for protecting the most honored man in OUR GREAT COUNTRY (before asshole). They have trained in some form or another all of their adult life — now LIFE has presented you with this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity… (drum roll) To Be A Secret Service Agent! You have arrived!!!!
    Then it is Barrack H. Obama…a man who has slithered into the WH. His past as a drug runner in Indonesia and P-T spy for the CIA (along with his family) in Indonesia, Russia and Pakistan — or so I have read). You are privy to the fact that his personal life with his wife is all a sham. He is gay. What have they seen happen in the WH that they cannot say? How does one emotionally “live or die to save this man?”

    Once in office with him, you realize what a filthy human being he is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and politically for this illustrious country that YOU LOVE. What happens to you spirit? your mind? Your heart? Your belief in America for allowing this man in? They see and hear everything.
    One pf these men was busted by a cop for DWI. I am NOT surprised at all. By now, their nerves are shot to hell. The idealism of their job has been damaged beyond repair. YOU are treated like trash (and this is well known) — except Michelle, obviously caught the eye of one of them for a fling.
    Their code; their honor; their integrity had been all for what? This man who is the most hated man in the U.S. as our sitting President.
    What would that do to you emotionally?
    Personally? I’d be having lotsa drinks — ANYTHING to numb me for just a while away from the man I HAVE TO GUARD WITH “MY LIFE” so the POS can continue destroying America.

    Granted, I am certainly NOT Sarah Palin….but I do understand men. I do understand the great pride they take in themselves and doing a job right when they have integrity. I stand to defend them because I sincerely believe that only a ROBOT could work for this man and remain sane.

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