Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, RNC?

Via a valued commentator

Saying this has gotten way out of hand is the “understatement of the decade”.  

They DO NOT want Newt because he will NOT continue the “proposed and planned agenda.”
“N”, ANYONE who “might” happen to step into Obama’s place will continue to same crap.
Personally? I don’t think Obama has any intentions at all of stepping down. “IF” he does, Romney will continue
right behind where he left off.
I am forwarding this as I reply to you.
On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 9:10 PM,

Got this off of a Tea Party blog (TPN)…..thought I’d send it on!
This is getting scary! RNC establishment strategy: Publish no poll numbers;spread the word that Romney is the nominee; have people vote based on blackout and misinformation expecting Romney to win big; then hit hard with Romney’s wins and Newt’s losses to bully Newt into dropping. (The news media are complying, including Fox News who are even slamming Newt for his rightful Secret Service protection expense) Please do yourself the honor of reviewing actual polls by doing a Google search for “2012 Republican presidential polls (name state)” and you will see why the RNC is using this tactic. Then spread the word!
Please join me and let’s stay with Newt all the way to Tampa! Let’s support him and thank him for his courage and willingness to sacrifice so much to stay in the race, so at that time he will still be in a viable position to offer true conservative and constitutional answers with bold ideas for a winning campaign platform, and will still be an alternative to the establishment coronated candidate. So again to all those who read, please join me in support of Newt so we may still have a chance to at least rebuild some of the America we love.

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8 Responses to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, RNC?

  1. Redneck Woman says:

    Unfortunately …I have been saying for the past 2 years that civil war is coming….I keep praying that I’m wrong cuz it’s going to get real ugly and real bloody, real quick. I know for a fact that the military will be on the citizens side, that they’ll deal with the Liar n’Thief themselves and the other traitors. Be ready for at least 5 years of chaos. You will have no Constitution and no Bill of rights at the time this is happening.

    Perhaps my prayers will be answered…..he dies in his sleep from an overdose of crack, just before the election! Newt will be the next President of the United States!

    • Upaces says:

      You already know how much we agree on this.

      Redneck woman, it is very possible he will die in his sleep. Have you realllly looked at him lately? Everyone who has that position ages…but this man? This man’s hair is “splotchy” like it is falling out in places. His skin color is greyish. People who look like this usually have cancer or a debilitating disease.
      Hopefully, fate (he has already set up); G-d will intervene on our behalf. I do NOT like the idea of the Military coming in representing G-d for us…however, whatever it takes…is whatever it takes that will stop him from handing us over to the Muslims.

  2. upaces88 says:

    I dunno, Ralph…I jist dunnno. People are pretty sick of Obama.
    However, this is the thing that reallly worries me.
    I do NOT thing that he intends stepping down even if George Washington suddenly came back to life and ran against him.
    I do think people will hold their nose(s) to vote for Romney — but that won’t make a difference in how things are going now.
    I heard idiots saying “Oh, Romney is an honest, religious man.”
    So, I just gave them my little list:

    Romney is referred to as Decent? Would you call anyone decent who lies about the Dream Act just to get votes?
    Yes, he states he is AGAINST the Dream Act while running an Ad in Spanish:


    Do you remember the raid in Texas years ago where the house was burned to the ground?
    Mormons were living there with multiple wives and children.
    Romney also states he would have voted for the NDAA;
    Romney states “…only talk about re-distribution of wealth behind closed doors”;
    Romney states he is like Obama.
    George Soros states Romney is like Obama.
    Both the WH and Soros approve of Romney running for President — why not! He is just like Obama;
    Romney committed a Federal Crime through wire fraud by wiring Millions of his $$ to the Cayman Islands as well as accepting foreign $$ for campaigns.
    Romney was part of the Medicare fraud;
    Romney’s Mormon religion — Founder, Joseph Smith says he wants to be the 2nd Mohamed.
    Video: Romney exploits American Business with Foreign $$;
    Romney “claimed” he created Thousands and thousands of jobs and refused to prove it;
    Romney states (I believe it was 2008) that he thought we needed Healthcare like Hezabola;
    Romney made the same mistake Cain did by stating, “Islam not inherently violent.”
    While Mormons teach against Alcohol, drugs, prostitution and gambling…they own a casino in Las Vegas
    Admits his only connection to GOP is he is a registered Repubican.

    • Ralph says:

      Everything you say is gospel there is no difference between the two that’s why soros is behind Romney because he knows that Romney can’t win against bumma even if he did nothing would change. He would continue the progress but at a slower rate.

  3. Ralph says:

    This going to be the worst election in our history if we have one, it is my hope that Newt gets the nomination at the convention and select West for VP. If Romney gets the nomination I do not believe he can win against Obama and the Muslims with Soros and the establishment backing. There has already been proof that the Electronic voting machines were or can be programed to place your vote for someone other than who you voted for. Our freedoms are being given away almost daily by the obama regime,and he is side stepping congress every chance he gets going to the UN for authority to do anything. The UN needs to be moved out of the USA and across the pond somewhere. If Obama succeeds in stealing the election again we are doomed. If he loses by some chance he may just not leave our house and there is going be hell on earth in the streets and it isn’t going to be pretty. what will happen will not even compare to the Civil War.

  4. upaces88 says:

    Holder and Obama are deliberately trying to “incite” violence. HE judges U.S. Citizens like the Muslims. WE ALWAYS work very hard to do things “the right way”…by voting; writing letters; peaceful protests, etc.
    Think it was about a year+ ago that he “made HIS new law” that no protests would be allowed on You Tube.
    There was a huge protest in D.C. that was NOT on TV and NOT on You Tube. The only reason I know for a fact that it happened….a friend of mine in NY told me about it.

  5. upaces88 says:

    I am NOT just throwing my hands up and walking off — I have NO Intentions of giving up. I know “I” personally have no power except to offer information to others and vote…however, I think my greatest fear for our country will be coming to pass.
    WE will be in a Civil War again on our own soil.Being objective about it.. the Interesting thing is, this is “exactly” (in principle) what caused the Last Civil War (The War Between the States).
    We had a Union of States who all agreed to be “part of that Union” and agreed it was the right thing to do. HOWEVER, that is the case here WITH THE EXCEPTION that. OUR Sovereignty is being given away to the most notorious enemy OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!
    THE MUSLIMS….We have a Muslim in OUR WH throwing his friends the United States of America their “bone” as payment back to them declaring him as the world leader.

    Yes, we will have a Civil War in this Country and it will make the War Between the States look like child’s play.

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