I hate the SOB and his mate Michelle!!

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Sorry… I am voting for the ‘evil’ white guy.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s wedding Photo:

The Obamas, sometime after their coronation….

Again, I apologize, but I must choose the HUMANS.

Yes, we know…its waycis..This was too:

{If you ‘liberals’ cant take the political heat, I suggest you GTFOUT of the political kitchen.All bets are off, now. We pick on Obama and demonize his dictatorship all day, every day.}

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  1. upaces88 says:

    LOL, Mad Jewess, he makes himself such an easy target!!!
    Sorry, I am laughing….This specific day, this dark humor is striking me.
    Yesterday I heard from Sher Zieve of the Canadian Free Press about an article and she sent me a comment about it after I posted MY comment on the site. During that, I had big tears streaming down my face; and today this made me smile — I guess everyone’s emotions are on a roller coaster EVERY DAMN DAY.

    • boudicabpi says:

      He makes himself such an easy target and the MSM still refuses to shoot the truth at it.
      Bob A.

      • upaces88 says:

        I was just on one of those sites a few minutes ago. I was flabbergasted and shocked! The bloggers were blaming everyone but him and “GIVING HIM PERMISSION” to, for the most part, be a Dictator!!!!

    • The Mad Jewess says:

      ‘I guess everyone’s emotions are on a roller coaster EVERY DAMN DAY.’

      That is what ‘progressives’ do–wear us out. Thats their whole game.
      God—–dammed them all to hell.

      • upaces88 says:

        They DO NOT understand that they CANNOT wear us out. I just accept that I will be going through all of my emotions in one day — usually several times a day. NO ONE WILL GIVE UP.
        I am 66 yrs old and worked until a couple of years ago. I get my social security and that’s it.
        Well, I received a letter a couple of days ago that my social security is NO LONGER $850 a month. Next month I will received $550..and the month after a roaring $600. That scared the B-Jezuzu outta me. But, here I am again. My daughter will pay my internet and cable (no signal where I live, so cable is necessary or I’d go with local stations).

        Bob, that is why he wants the internet off so bad because this is the ONLY place we find out what is really going on.

  2. The Mad Jewess says:

    We must demonize the slime all day, everyday

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